One of the frequently asked questions we get asked related to email templates is how to include images or graphics or attachments in crm 4 email templates. Well, the short answer is that you can’t include attachments in email templates, BUT, you can still create very nice and professional looking templates by using image links.


In fact, by using image links your emails will be much smaller then embedding the images right in the emails, thus saving crm database space, and email resources.

Here’s a short blog creating email newsletter containing graphics and images and nice formatting.

  1. The first thing you will need to do is create a public facing web page with your newsletter. If your company has a public facing site this can be a subfolder in your public site. For example, our Sep 09 newsletter is a single page:

    You can use any web site editor – FrontPage, Dream Weaver, etc.

    If your company does not have an easily maintainable public facing site, use one of the many free services that allow you to create a public facing site – for example Microsoft Office Live offers free hosting of public facing sites and they have a good online editor.


  2. Once you have a public facing one page web site newsletter, select all on the page, then copy. Using keyboard short cuts, you can click on the page, then control-a (for select all), then control-c (to copy). Do this on a browser while browsing the public facing web site newsletter.



  3. In crm, create a new email template. In the body of the email, we can not right click and select paste. However, we can use the control-v, keyboard shortcut to paste.
  4. The last step is to verify all links. We need to verify both image links and hyper links to make sure they have the a ‘fully qualified path’. This means that the URL is complete. Simply click on the link or image, and enter control-K. A link image box will then appear. Verify the url is complete and if not enter it fully with http://www….

That’s it – you can now email blast your newsletter. You can now use crm email template with very nicely formatted newsletters. This process may appear a bit cumbersome, but after you create a couple newsletters you will notice it is not bad at all.

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