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Each entity in the system will have an Object type code. For simplicity of understanding, think of it as a numbering system for all the entities, regardless if they are out of the box or custom. As a CRM Expert, you might encounter a situation where you will need to identify the Object Type code for an entity.

object type code

To identify the Entity name using the Object Type Code, follow these steps:

1. Enter your CRM instance.

2. Open any entity under any model, such as Accounts, Contacts, Cases, etc.

object type code

3. Open a New Record within the Entity

object type code

4. Once a new record is opened, pop out the record by selecting the icon on the top right side of the page.

object type code

5. Once enlarged, the Object Type Code is placed after the “etc.” equal sign within the URL.

object type code

Identifying the Entity of an Object Type Code

Sometimes you may receive an error message that states the Object Type Code but not the entity name or a Custom Entity Object Type Code that is not available online.

To identify the Entity name of an Object Type Code, follow these steps:

1. Follow the same steps in “how to Identify the Object Type code of an Entity” as shown above.

2. Once the record is enlarged, you can find the Object Type Code is placed after the etc. equals sign within the URL.

object type code

3. After the etc. equals sign, delete ONLY the number shown, replace it with desired number, and select Enter.

4. Now it will open a new record with the Entity Object Type Code you entered.

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Happy Dynamics 365’ing!

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