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Activity View Rollup for Custom Entities in Dynamics 365

The goal of implementing a CRM system is to provide deeper insights into your customers. A significant portion of this insight comes from tracking the interactions you have with those customers. Microsoft Dynamics 365 provides the ability to track activities at the Account and Contact levels as well as against custom entities, but what if those custom entities were related to an Account or Contact? That isn’t so simple.

Activity on a Contact is visible from the related Account:

But activities on a custom entity couldn’t be seen from anywhere else. While Activities on a Contact rollup to an Account, any Activities against a custom entity, even though related to an Account or Contact remain isolated.

With its latest release, Microsoft Dynamics 365 now has the ability to rollup those activities to an Account or Contact parent.

There must be an N:1 or 1:N relationship and the parent must be Account, Contact, or Opportunity.

1. First, create the custom entity and relate it to the parent, making sure Activities are enabled.

2. Select the N:1 or 1:N Relationship with the Parent Entity.
















3. Change the Relationship Behavior of the Rollup from Cascade None to Cascade all.

4. Save and publish your changes.

5. Now the Activity rolls up from the custom entity to the parent Contact and is visible in the Activity Associated View!

There you have it! Get ready for some great customer insights. For more helpful Dynamics 365 tips and tricks – be sure to subscribe to our blog.

Happy Dynamics 365’ing!