Microsoft Dynamics 365 gives you the ability to use tracking tokens to improve the email message tracking capability. A tracking token is an alphanumeric string of characters generated by Dynamics 365 and added to the subject line of an email. Tracking tokens can be turned on or off globally in System Settings under the Email tab. But what if your organization has tracking tokens turned on, but you need to send the occasional one-off email without a tracking token?

The following steps will show you how to send specific emails without a tracking token by first creating an email in draft mode, and then using an on-demand workflow to send that specific email.

Step 1: Create an on-demand workflow. We will need to do two things in the workflow: one is to change the field “no of delivery attempts,” and then one more step to change the status to “pending send.”

  • Update Record: Email

tracking tokens












  • Set Properties:
    • No of Delivery Attempts: set to 0
tracking tokens












  • Change Record: Email
    • Pending send

tracking tokens










Step 2: Create and Send email without a Tracking token:

  • Create an Email and save it in Draft Mode
  • From the draft email click on the ellipses
  • Select Run workflow

tracking tokens










  • Select the workflow to remove tracking token
  • Select Add

tracking tokens















  • Select OK in the Confirm Application Workflow window

tracking tokens


Now your email is set for delivery and the tracking token will not be appended! For more helpful Dynamics 365 tips – check out our blog!

Happy Dynamics 365’ing!

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