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How to Plan, Select, and Motivate Your ERP Project Team

It’s been decided. Your organization has selected an ERP system to automate your business processes into one wholly integrated database. Either due to organic growth, outdated technology, or ever-changing business requirements, your organization will be implementing a best of breed solution with great expectations.

Along with those expectations is a growing perplexity of whom from the organization should be entrusted with such a grand responsibility. This responsibility can make or break a project. The decision to place your resources on the Project Team should not be taken lightly. The creation of a team of well-tuned, motivated, out of the box thinkers can be difficult to assemble. There are many factors that go into selecting the correct Project Team, and in this blog, we’ll discuss some helpful hints on how to plan, select, and motivate your new ERP Project Team to set up your organization for success!

Planning for the Team

The fundamental factors in creating an ERP Project Team are time commitment, financial capabilities, and the scope of the project. These three factors will determine how the team will be compiled. Also playing a major role, is the size of the organization and the availability of resources. Below are areas to think about when planning your team.

Selecting the Project Team

Now that you have gone through the planning process, it is now time to select the team members tasked with transforming your business processes and a solution that takes your organization to new heights. The following points outline the qualities each team member should possess to ensure strong team cohesion.

Motivating your Team

So your project team is selected and the members are assigned to their specific roles, now what? If you are like many organizations, not everyone on the team will know each other. To foster a team-winning environment, creating the motivation to tackle all the project hurdles is a must. Since stress, anxiety, and intense workloads are common for these kind of projects, inserting fun activities to motivate your team will help them retain their resilience. Below are some tips for keeping your new ERP Project Team motivated.

We hope this blog has given you some ideas and pointers to consider when selecting your ERP Project Team as you embark on your organization’s ERP implementation. If you’re looking to implement an ERP solution, PowerObjects can help! Learn more here.

Happy Dynamics 365’ing!