The Cloud is constantly evolving and adding capabilities. A company can build out resources in the Cloud and integrate them all together into one cohesive system. Microsoft Connected Field Service allows companies to leverage Azure with their Dynamics 365 Field Service deployment.

Until now, that meant you could create a new Azure Subscription for all the components such as the Azure Service Bus and IoT Hub. Already leveraging Azure? With the July 2017 Update for Dynamics 365, you now have flexibility to bring in the components you need from one of your existing Azure subscription.

Prior to the July 2017 Update, the integrated environment looks like the image below. The Customer Azure Subscription section in the bottom right shows all of those Assets in one subscription.


As of the July 2017 release the Customer Azure Resources section in the bottom right changes slightly. Instead of starting with a clean slate when creating the solution for the Customer Azure resource, customers can pull components from other Azure subscriptions they use which is great if these components have already been developed elsewhere.

Want to learn more? Here are some useful resources from Microsoft:

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