With the Dynamics 365 July 2017 Update, Microsoft has added a configurable “Max Session Timeout” and “Inactivity Timeout” functionality. These separate functions are meant to meet both HIPAA and FedRAMP requirements. To learn more about this update and more, be sure to click here to enroll in the Microsoft Dynamics 365 July 2017 Update webinar series – starting July 25!

Enhanced Security

The Max Session Timeout values are configurable from within the System Settings of CRM for Dynamics 365. As shown below, these values are located under the “Set session timeout” section.

Enhanced Security

Users will receive a warning before the session timeout is reach. This will allow them to either sign in again, or save their work so they don’t lose unsaved changes.

Enhanced Security

The “Inactivity Timeout” settings are also configured in System Settings; under the “Set inactivity timeout” section.

Enhanced Security

Like the session timeout, users will also receive a warning prior to being signed out due to inactivity.

Enhanced Security


The Session Timeout requires users to re-authenticate once the ‘maximum session length’ is reached. Also, the Inactivity session timeout can only extend up to the ‘maximum session timeout’ setting and the contents of the screen are blanked out when the session expires.

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