Training is an often-overlooked necessity to implementation and upgrade projects for CRM. Yet, it’s also one of the easiest, most cost-effective ways to ensure a high ROI. Employees who understand CRM are more likely to use it (correctly!), and when more people are inputting data into CRM, business leaders can more accurately make decisions based upon past and present trends. This ability to use the data is vital to getting the most out of CRM, and this is why PowerObjects has long held the belief that end-to-end education and training supports successful implementation.

Prepare to Train

Before the Project.

Learning how to use a piece of software for that doesn’t exist yet may seem strange, but it’s one of the best places to start your learning path – particularly if you’ve never worked with Microsoft Dynamics 365’s latest version. Project teams spend the first portion of a project gathering requirements, defining scope, and determining the overall needs for the client. We do our best with the information we receive to not just meet but exceed project goals. However, if the entire project team – including clients – don’t understand how a complex software like CRM operates, it can result in unexpected hours added to the project because the needs weren’t properly raised. A small investment on training upfront can result in tremendous savings and stress reduction in the long run!

During the Project.

You’ve listened to our advice and sent the appropriate people from your team through some additional training, and the system isn’t being shown to end-users yet – what could education possibly provide here? Lots! At PowerObjects, we have a team of Learning Consultants who work with a project team to assess ease of use from an end-user perspective. Essentially, they work to make sure the system and training materials will be understood and used by your end-user once the system is ready to go live. This saves time and money because it reduces the hurdles that exist when transitioning to a new software.

End of Project.

Have you ever listened to a subject matter expert explain a process to you using words you don’t understand, referencing something you’ve never heard of, or just outright talk at a level over your head? That’s what our CRMU course, Prepare to Train for Dynamics 365, helps you avoid during your implementation. Your CRM Administrator is most likely an expert in your system, and while that makes this person a great person to talk about the new system, it also means they’re more likely to make assumptions about what is basic knowledge versus what requires more training. Prepare to Train for Dynamics 365 empowers your in-house trainer to understand CRM from an end-user perspective – the people they’ll be training! The course walks soon-to-be-trainers through creating appropriate materials for their audience, what areas to train on, as well as training around soft skills so end-users feel comfortable enough to ask questions. Adding this final piece of training to your CRM implementation or upgrade is sure to save time and make your team more productive!

Happy training and happy CRM’ing!

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