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On July 1st, 2017, Microsoft will be updating a few of the license names for their Dynamics 365, Enterprise Edition licenses, to better align with the functionality that comes with each of those licenses.

License Name Update

What used to be known as the “Plan 1” license for the Enterprise Edition of Dynamics 365, has been updated to be called the “Customer Engagement Plan”. This license is meant for power users of the system, and gives you access to the Sales, Marketing (future), Customer Service, Field Service and Project Service applications of Dynamics 365, as well as PowerApps. The Customer Engagement Plan also comes with a sandbox environment, Social Engagement Enterprise, SharePoint Online (Plan 2), Office Online, Gamification (aka Fantasy Sales Team), a Microsoft Dynamics Portal, and a sandbox environment. That’s quite the bang for your buck!

License Name Update

What used to known as the “Plan 2” license, for the Enterprise Edition of Dynamics 365, has been updated to be named simply the “Microsoft Dynamics 365 Plan” license. This license gives you access across the Dynamics 365 product suite, which includes everything listed above (in the Customer Engagement Plan license description) PLUS access to Microsoft’s fantastic, cloud-based ERP tool, warmly known as “Operations” (which was previously named Microsoft Dynamics AX).

License Name Update

Lastly, what used to be called the “Operations” application license for the Enterprise Edition of Dynamics 365, has been updated to be named “Unified Operations”. This license will give you access to only the Operations Application of Dynamics 365, which is not a small module by any means.

License Name Update

If you need clarification on anything mentioned above, have questions around functionality included in each license, are looking for a price quote, or have questions on any aspect of Dynamics 365 licensing, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We’d be happy to share our licensing expertise with you.

Happy Dynamics 365’ing!

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