What do you get when you combine your love for golf with your passion for Dynamics 365? A cool way to automate your Masters 2017 Tournament Bracket and impress all your friends.


One of the core values at PowerObjects is to “Live the Technology”. On a daily basis, the PowerObjects’ team is challenged to incorporate the technology we sell into our everyday lives. Check out how one of our team members were able to utilize CRM for Dynamics 365 along with three of our PowerPack Add-Ons to vastly improve the process of organizing and managing our Masters 2017 Tournament Bracket.

The first thing we needed to accomplish was getting participant data into CRM. To do this, we created a web form using PowerWebForm. The form included all of the information we needed to efficiently communicate with all participants: First Name, Last Name, Email Address and Phone Number. We used the PowerWebForm Landing Page Designer to give the web form a sharp look! We then sent out an email explaining the rules of the tournament, which included a link to the landing page and instructions on how to fill out the web form. We encouraged others to forward the link to other golf enthusiasts who were interested in participating as well. Once an individual submitted their information using the web form, a new contact record was created in CRM.

Next came the fun part! As we waited for web form submissions to start flowing in, we began building our Masters Tournament Bracket using the PowerSurveyPlus CRM Add-On. We divided our tournament bracket into four groups, based on the golfers ranking and used the dropdown question type to display all players in each group. The rules for this bracket were simple; choose one player from each grouping.

For additional bragging rights, we added a 2017 Masters Champion, Winning Score and Amateur Pick questions. To capture this information we added a Single Line Text and Numerical question types to the survey.

With the survey completed, it was time to share it with everyone who filled out our web form. We sent the email using an email template in CRM, which allowed us to email the entire group all at once. We inserted the token, from the survey we just created within the body of the email, which linked directly to the survey.

Using PowerSurveyPlus, we were able to view and track survey responses in real time as soon as a survey was submitted. On the last day, we were accepting entries, we used an advance find to identify the slackers of the group who hadn’t submitted their responses yet. We sent a text message reminder the individuals who had not completed the survey using the PowerSMS add-on.

Throughout the four-day tournament, we continued to use PowerSMS, to send out score and ranking updates to all bracket participants. Who says CRM can’t be fun?

Want to manage your next tournament bracket using CRM? Download your free 30 day trial of PowerWebForm, PowerSurveyPlus and PowerSMS today.

Happy CRM’ing!

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