When viewing account or contact records, you may sometimes find it useful to view background processes such as workflows. In Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011, it’s easy to  view workflow history by clicking in Workflows in the left-hand navigation of a record.


Background Process Navigation in CRM 2013

However, the background process navigation is not included by default in the top navigation for accounts and contacts in CRM 2013. So, how do you make this navigation option available?

It’s fairly straightforward—you just have to customize the form to include Background Processes in the navigation.

  1. Go to Form Customization—also called the Form Editor—and click on navigation.
  2. Click on Background Processes, then drag and drop to the Processes section in the left navigation.
  3. Save and publish your changes.

Background Process Navigation in CRM 2013

Now let’s check to see if it’s available on the record.

  1. Open the record, then click on the down arrow in the top navigation.
  2. Scroll through the sub-menu and until you find Background Processes.
  3. Click on Background Processes and it will list a history of background processes.

Background Process Navigation in CRM 2013

That’s it—a history of all the background processes for an account or contact is now quick and easy to see. If this was useful, keep checking back for more tips, tricks and features for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013.

Happy CRMing!

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