The PowerSuccess Team has released a handy enhancement to the PowerObjects PowerCare Portal. With this enhancement, PowerSuccess customers now have the ability to schedule time with their PowerSuccess Engineer. This blog will provide an overview of how to take advantage of this new feature.


When you login to the PowerCare portal, you’ll notice a new section was added specifically for PowerSuccess Customers.

PowerSuccess in PowerCare Portal

With our knowledge and expertise with CRM software, the PowerSuccess team and developers took advantage of the existing functionality in CRM to build the Scheduling feature in the PowerCare portal. If you are familiar with the Service Scheduling that is available in CRM, you will see a lot of the same functionality exists here. By using the out-of-the-box functionality, the portal easily picks up existing scheduled activities that are already assigned to a PowerSuccess Engineer. This allows the portal only to show times in which they are truly available.

1. Portal users are presented with a couple of options when scheduling the activity.

a. They can select a start date “As soon as Possible” or a specific “Date or Time”

b. They also get to select which time frame—a specific time or a range of times.

c. Now the user will be presented with a list of times based on the PowerSuccess Engineer’s availability.

      d. The portal user can select the time frame they wish to schedule the activity, enter in details about the meeting, and then click Schedule.

Once the activity is created in CRM, a workflow was built to send the contact a meeting invite, as well as send a notification to the PowerSuccess Engineer that a new appointment has been created.

By utilizing the existing CRM functionality, PowerObjects was able to create a system that all CRM users will feel comfortable using. Hope you enjoy it, and happy CRM’ing!

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