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Sales Productivity: Zero In, Win Faster, Sell More

The way people buy has changed. Now more than ever, if companies want results, they need to be customer-focused. Join Steve Kane, Director of Mid-Market Sales at PowerObjects, for a discussion of the growing importance of engaging with the customer on their terms, and how sales productivity tools have changed to meet this new paradigm.

In this webinar, we’ll discuss:

  • The importance of connecting with your customers on their terms.

  • How modern technology allows us to zero in on the right customer for the right product at the right time to ultimately close faster and sell more.

  • The importance of being agile and responding to customer behavior.

  • How to tap into social networks to bring together the right resources and people, regardless of location.

  • We’ll also get a first-hand demo of customer relationship management (CRM) tools that can deliver amazing customer experiences.