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To Innovate, Look Outside Your Industry

Discover new ways to humanize your brand to stay at the forefront of the Experiential Brand Revolution.

marketing automation add-on
4 Pillar Approach to CRM Success | Day 5: Marketing Automation Add-ons

If you’re looking for add-ons that will help you automate your marketing processes, you’ve come to the right place! Each of the add-ons in our Marketing Automation suite help reduce manual processes and streamline many marketing-related procedures. Featuring live demos of PowerMailChimp, PowerEmail, PowerNurture, PowerSMS and more!

PowerNurture: A Marketing Automation Dream Come
PowerNurture: A Marketing Automation Dream Come True

In the final installment of our Getting Started with Marketing Automation and CRM webinar series, we highlight PowerNurture: designed to create and execute drip campaigns in CRM.

Laying the Foundation for Using Dynamics 365 for Marketing Automation

Get a high-level overview into how CRM and Marketing Automation are connected and how you get started implementing basic automations, things to consider, and more!

Why You Should Be Using Marketing Automation
Why You Should Be Using Marketing Automation in Your Marketing Strategy

Get familiar with the concept of Marketing Automation. Learn why you should use it in your overall marketing strategy as well as using CRM in the process.

How Our Inside Sales Team Uses Out-of-the-Box Marketing Features and Marketing Add-ons

In this webinar, we’ll discuss how PowerObjects’ Inside Sales Team uses Microsoft Dynamics CRM and PowerPack add-ons for CRM that enhance its marketing automation capabilities.

PowerTrivia: The Fun and Interactive Way to Engage with Customers

Want to engage your clientele through SMS messages in a fun and interactive manner? PowerObjects is pleased to announce the release of our latest PowerPack Add-on, PowerTrivia!

Power BI Showcase

In this webinar, we’ll introduce you to Power BI by showing you various examples of how it can be used to surface and visualize critical business metrics–providing insights that help you run your business and make decisions.