4 Pillar Approach to CRM Success | Day 3: Education

Implementing or overhauling a CRM solution is only part of the equation for successful roll-outs. Never underestimate the power of CRM education in the success of your CRM system! Learn about all about PowerObjects’ webinars, online learning tools, in-person CRM U training, custom training, and change management in this webinar.

Learning Paths
Learning Paths Will Transform Your Training Strategy

Join us for a webinar on how learning paths in Dynamics 365 can transform your training strategy within your organization.

CRM for Dynamics 365 - What's New in Field Service [WEBINAR]
Best Practices to Get on the Path to CRM Success

Are you considering a CRM implementation or do you currently have a CRM solution in your organization? There are challenges that come with every CRM implementation. Some of the biggest road bumps are CRM governance, change management, and user adoption.

Learning Paths
CRM for Dynamics 365 – Learning Paths

In this session, we will explore the CRM for Dynamics 365 Learning Paths functionality.

Designing the User Experience
CRM for Dynamics 365 – Designing the User Experience

Designing your CRM for Dynamics 365 just got a little bit easier.

CRM for Dynamics 365 - Portals
CRM for Dynamics 365 – What’s New in Portals

Portals are the gateway for your CRM for Microsoft Dynamics 365. They give users access, but not too much access. This session will explore how to make your customer, business partners, or employees’ experience better via the updated functionality. If you currently have a portal or are looking to add a portal, don’t miss this session!

CRM for Dynamics 365 - App for Outlook
CRM for Dynamics 365 – App for Outlook

See how old friends like knowledge base articles, sales literature and email templates can be pulled in directly from CRM for Dynamics 365 into our emails.

What’s New with Mobile in Spring 2016

This spring, Microsoft releases CRM 2016 Update 1 for both CRM Online customers and On-premises customers. This webinar will focus on enhancements to the existing mobile capabilities released to date.

Relevance Search
The Relevance Search Preview in Spring 2016

Relevance Search is an improvement of the Global Search capabilities that will improve the search experience for all employees.

Introducing Project Service in Spring 2016

Through live demo, this session will go through an overview of the Project Service feature within Microsoft Dynamics CRM.