Unified Client Interface
July Update Series: Unified Client Interface

Learn about Unified Client Interface upgrades, navigation changes, docking business process flows, and organizational impact for those currently using ISH.

Lead Gen and Sales Navigator
July Update Series: Lead Gen and Sales Navigator (Sales and Talent)

Explore the impact Lead Gen and Sales Navigator (Sales & Talent) will have on your lead generating activities & talent managing capabilities.

Organization and Relationship Management
July Update Series: Organization and Relationship Management

Organization and Relationship Management made easier with CRM for Dynamics 365. Security & compliance specialists will love the out-of-the-box reports!

Mobile Experience
July Update Series: Mobile Experience

Microsoft continues to enhance the Microsoft Dynamics 365 mobile experience; searching and magnifying are among these updates. During this 30 minute webinar, we’ll look at how the tile based interface empowers your workforce from their mobile or tablet device — in or out of the office!

What’s New for the Admin & Customizer?
July Update Series: What’s New for the Admin & Customizer?

This 30 minute webinar will empower you with further “no-code” capabilities between the application and platform. We can’t let end users have all the fun!

What's New for the End User
July Update Series: What’s New for the End User?

Ever say the phrase, “I wish Dynamics 365 could _?” Your wish may be coming true. This webinar we’ll cover the new features that enhance user experience.

what's new for crm
July Update Series: What’s New for CRM?

Watch this 30 minute session to see the latest and greatest related to the CRM for Microsoft Dynamics 365 July Update (v.9.0).  For those on previous versions — or if you’re brand new to CRM for Dynamics 365 — get a taste of what’s in store.

4 Pillar Approach to Dynamics 365 Success | Day 1: Support

In this webinar, learn all about our pillar of Dynamics 365 success, our support offerings.

Project Service
CRM for Dynamics 365- What’s New in Project Service

In this session, we will dive into how Microsoft project can connect to CRM for Dynamics 365.

Learning Paths
CRM for Dynamics 365 – Learning Paths

In this session, we will explore the CRM for Dynamics 365 Learning Paths functionality.

Designing the User Experience
CRM for Dynamics 365 – Designing the User Experience

Designing your CRM for Dynamics 365 just got a little bit easier.

CRM for Dynamics 365 - Portals
CRM for Dynamics 365 – What’s New in Portals

Portals are the gateway for your CRM for Microsoft Dynamics 365. They give users access, but not too much access. This session will explore how to make your customer, business partners, or employees’ experience better via the updated functionality. If you currently have a portal or are looking to add a portal, don’t miss this session!