service optimisation for housing
Dynamics 365 for Housing: Innovation and Service Optimisation

Learn how housing associations and property management companies can use Dynamics 365 for service optimisation and innovation.

[PO TV WEBCAST] The Beginner’s Guide to PowerApps

Join us for a PO TV Webcast where we dive into PowerApps in more detail and demonstrate how it all comes together.

Front Office
Improving Front Office Productivity with the Microsoft Cloud

Join us for a webinar where we will demonstrate how our Integrated Housing Solution, powered by the Microsoft Cloud, empowers front office staff to be more productive.

Microsoft Canadian Datacentre
What Does the Microsoft Canadian Datacentre Mean for Me and Dynamics 365?

In this webinar, we discuss the benefits of utilizing the highly secure Microsoft Canadian Datacentre and see how it works with Dynamics 365 to positively impact your business in 2017.

Integrating AssureSign’s Electronic Signature Software with Dynamics 365

In this webinar you’ll learn how PowerObjects uses AssureSign, a pioneer of electronic signature evolution, within Dynamics 365.

Property sales
Dynamics 365 Housing Demonstration: Property Sales, Marketing, and Communications

Dynamics CRM functionality in our housing solution enables front-office staff to increase sales revenue; target customer engagement; and deliver amazing customer experiences.

implement CRM myself
Mythbusters: Is it cheaper to implement Dynamics 365 myself?

Join us for a webinar discussing the top reasons why small businesses, almost more so than large businesses, should consider hiring a consultant or company like PowerObjects to help them implement CRM.

PowerSuccess vs. Time and Materials: A CRM Project Comparison

See the differences between PowerSuccess and a Time and Materials CRM project, learn which might be a better fit for your organization, and what you could expect in the first few months of your project.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 with Microsoft Azure

This webinar is an introduction to integrating Microsoft Dynamics CRM with Microsoft Azure. We’ll explore typical integration scenarios between Microsoft Dynamics CRM and the Azure Service Bus.

Top 10 Issues in CRM Tech Support

This webinar will help you understand the most common issues organizations experience with servers and workstations–both CRM Online and CRM On-premises.

Little Tips and Big Tricks for the CRM Administrator

This webinar will challenge you to think about new ways of streamlining your tasks and potentially how to deliver more value to your end-users through taking advantage of tools that are available within and outside of the application.

Everything you Need to Know About Microsoft Cloud by PowerObjects

Nobody likes navigating multiple contracts, companies, partners, and payments. It’s frustrating when you don’t know who to contact for support. Instead of having all of your information scattered in different places with different people, you can now consolidate all your needs in one place with Microsoft Cloud by PowerObjects.