CRM Minute: Office 365
The CRM Minute: Office 365 and Dynamics 365 – The New “Dynamic” Duo

In this episode of The CRM Minute, learn about Office 365 and Dynamics 365 and the role they play with each other within the Microsoft ecosystem.

The CRM Minute: Introducing Microsoft Canadian Datacentres

Microsoft’s introduction of Canada’s enterprise-grade, hyper-scale public cloud expands Microsoft’s trusted cloud services into Canada and offers unprecedented solutions, cost savings, efficiency, productivity and reliability.

The CRM Minute: To CRM Training . . . and BEYOND! Reinforcing your CRM Knowledge

Reinforcing your CRM training and education is a critical piece to implementing Dynamics 365.

Change Management
The CRM Minute: Change Management – The People Side of Dynamics 365

In this episode of The CRM Minute, we’ll dive into how Change Management from PowerObjects can make your deployment more successful.

CRM University
The CRM Minute: CRM Training for Dynamics 365 with CRM University

CRM University from PowerObjects is an excellent option for both organizations who need to train end users for a current implementation or for ongoing CRM education.

What Does Dynamics 365 Mean
The CRM Minute: What Does Dynamics 365 Mean for Me?

Introducing Dynamics 365: The next generation of intelligent business applications.

The CRM Minute: AppSource is Your New Destination for Business Apps

AppSource is a new feature from Microsoft that lets users explore and trial business applications

The CRM Minute: The PowerObjects Blog Kicks It Up a Notch

In 2016, we gave our blog an extreme makeover! Featuring a better user experience, related content, and social sharing platforms, the blog is better than ever.

Play Nice with CRM
The CRM Minute: Getting Sales and Marketing to Play Nice with CRM

Hear from Chris, our PowerObjects Data Dude, as he talks about how to get your sales and marketing teams to play nice with Dynamics CRM and Marketing Automation.3