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The CRM Minute

The CRM Minute: The PowerObjects Blog Kicks It Up a Notch

In 2016, we gave our blog an extreme makeover! Featuring a better user experience, related content, and social sharing platforms, the blog is better than ever.

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The CRM Minute: Getting Sales and Marketing to Play Nice with CRM

Hear from Chris, our PowerObjects Data Dude, as he talks about how to get your sales and marketing teams to play nice with Dynamics CRM and Marketing Automation.3

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The CRM Minute: 3 Things to Know Before You Go to CRMUG 2016

October 11-14 is CRMUG Summit 2016, an annual user-centric summit where you can learn to maximize your implementation of Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

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The CRM Minute: In a World, Where CRM Reigns Supreme…

This season of The CRM Minute will be BIGGER, BETTER, and more CRM’ish than ever, with all new episodes of your favorite CRM topics.

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The CRM Minute: So, you want to be a CRM Admin?

When implementing Dynamics CRM, consider having an internal CRM administrator to help streamline your implementation and provide support for maintenance.

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The CRM Minute: Paging Doctor Who, Dynamics CRM is Calling!

Here at PowerObjects, one of our core values is “Live the Technology” and our team embodies this daily, whether that technology is a sonic screwdriver or CRM!

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The CRM Minute: Microsoft Dynamics CRM for Small Businesses

Choosing Microsoft Dynamics CRM and PowerObjects as your partner means you have a wealth of tools and resources to make your initial CRM implementation and maintenance easy!

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The CRM Minute: 5 Key Office 365 Integrations for Dynamics CRM

Take a closer look at five key Office 365 integrations for Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online.

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The CRM Minute: Engaging Customers with PowerTrivia

PowerTrivia lets you engage with your clientele through SMS messages in a fun and interactive manner!

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The CRM Minute: Get to Know PowerSuccess

Learn about PowerSuccess, our subscription-based program, and how it can help you and your organization implement Dynamics CRM.

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