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As a growing organization and the largest hair care name brand in America, Great Clips needed “one source of truth” for all its data across all franchise locations. Watch the testimonial video to learn more about how PowerObjects worked with Great Clips to implement a solution that streamlined their processes and allowed users to have direct access to data.


Video Transcript

As Great Clips grew, we became the largest hair care name brand in North America. We were excited about that growth, but our old way of doing things was just becoming completely inefficient. We knew we needed some type of solution, something that would be able to bring all of our data into one spot, something to be able to streamline our processes, and also to allow our users to have direct access to our data.

What I love about Microsoft Dynamics CRM is that you can then take it to the next level and customize it. We’ve been able to customize our CRM environment to look like it’s a platform that was developed just for Great Clips. By the time we were looking for another CRM vendor this last time around, we really knew what we were looking for. They came on premise, they came on board, learned all about what Great Clips was doing to use CRM, and about the proprietary software that we had implemented, and helped us to remove the software and upgrade us to the latest version of CRM.

We’ve been able to establish trust with PowerObjects because of their willingness to dive in, because of their willingness to get dirty with the projects that we have, and also because of their willingness to sit down with us and look at what’s gone well and what things could improve.

Here at Great Clips, having a great CRM platform was critical, and PowerObjects has helped us accomplish that.