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It's that time of year again. The summer is winding to a close, students are back in school, and the leaves are starting to turn. You know what that means . . . a brand new season of The CRM Minute! This season will be BIGGER, BETTER, and more CRM'ish than ever, with all new episodes of your favorite CRM topics. Episode one airs next Wednesday. Check out what this season has in store!


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Video Transcript

In a world where CRM reigns supreme, one Microsoft Partner defied the odds to become the leading expert of all things Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

From the award winning team that brought you the riveting We are Modern Marketers video and the captivating CRM Customer Success Story Series, comes the most heartwarming show of the season.

Armed with only a video camera, a ragtag bunch of CRM superheroes battle the forces of evil that is untamed data to bring you Season Two of the groundbreaking series, The CRM Minute.

But don’t be fooled. Not every episode is a minute (insert shocked face), which means that anything, yes anything (insert smug face or something), can happen.

The reviews are in and the critics are unanimous!

This fall, experience the drama, the laughs, and the magic that is . . . . Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

A PO TV Original Production