PowerPlus is a relationship program that was created by PowerObjects to ensure the ongoing development and growth of relationships between the company and their customers. PowerObjects is proud to showcase customers, like you, who use Dynamics CRM in innovative ways. PowerPlus creates the ability to share your organizations success and help you, and your organization, to be seen as industry leaders within the CRM community.

Why Was PowerPlus Created?

PowerPlus was constructed to help in the continuation of relationship development between PowerObjects and their customers. The company wanted to create a well-rounded relationship program that also allowed PowerObjects to share the experiences that our customers have had, with prospects, other PowerObjects customers, and also their CRM community as a whole.

The Book “Raving Fans” by Ken Blanchard, was also something that helped to drive the evolution of this program, as well as the programs name; PowerPlus.

This book is focused on three main philosophies.

1. Listening to your customer
2. Giving your customer consistent results
3. Delivering plus 1

This third philosophy is where the name evolved from. Raving Fans is a continual guide for PowerObjects team members to show how important our customer relationships are to us. PowerPlus is one of the ways that PowerObjects tries to give its customers something extra; a program that is focused around the nurturing of relationships.

Also, there is a continuous need for company’s who want to speak with current PowerObjects customers. These organizations are curious about the how other PowerObjects customers felt about their CRM journey. Things such as how PowerObjects has performed, how the partnership is, and also a general curiosity about how other CRM users were utilizing the system within their organization. The PowerObjects team wanted to put an efficient and effective process in place to ensure that current and future customers could get quick access to this type of information.

Our company has greatly benefited from the use of Microsoft Dynamic CRM and our partnership with PowerObjects. The ability to customize CRM to meet our needs and PowerObjects assistance with this customizations has been extremely valuable to meeting our goals. The addition of the PowerPlus relationship program has made it so easy to stay informed of changes coming to CRM in order to remain proactive in our strategic planning. – Sarah Zimmer, Marketing Communications Manager, Genoa Healthcare

Benefits of PowerPlus

PowerPlus strives to provide benefits that move our customer’s organization forward and allow their employees to become more familiar with Microsoft Dynamics CRM offerings, connections, and education. These benefits are just some of the small ways that PowerObjects offers thanks to PowerPlus customers for their involvement.

Promote your brand. If showcasing your accomplishments through PowerObjects and/or Microsoft resources to gain recognition as a company is something that your company is interested in, PowerPlus can help you achieve that.

Build industry networks. PowerPlus members have all gone through the process of implementing Dynamics CRM. Join this professional network of recognized industry leaders and gain fresh insights from your peers, while being recognized for your innovative business practices.

Create strategic relationships with Microsoft team members. If your company would like to develop mutually beneficial relationships with Microsoft contacts and raise your company’s profile within your industry, PowerPlus can help you achieve that.

Be in the know. Be the first to not only hear about PowerObjects news and industry updates, but also be called on to give feedback on the PowerObjects processes and programs.

Get a CRM Education Subscription. Take advantage of a free education subscription through PowerObjects’ educational courses and empower your team to become CRM power users. This free Education Subscription also gives PowerPlus customers a 50% discount on in-house trainings and online virtual trainings.

Ways to Be Involved

PowerPlus can be completely tailored to your organizations needs and wants. Pick and choose which activities, and how many activities, your company wants to participate in. Below are some of the most common involvement opportunities.

Testimonials. Provide a brief quote or testimonial for inclusion in a PowerObjects promotional product, solution website, ad, presentation, brochure, or other marketing materials.

Case Studies. Share your story about the business challenges you faced, the solution you deployed, and the success your organization has had, in print, on video, via audio or online.

Webcasts. Present your individual business benefits from utilizing Microsoft Dynamics CRM solution to prospective customers through live and recorded webcasts hosted by PowerObjects.

Customer References. Speak with prospective customers of PowerObjects, or host a prospective customer at your facility to showcase your implementation in a real-world environment.

Speaking Engagements. Discuss your experiences and product knowledge with peers, senior decision makers, and others, through a variety of speaking opportunities.

PowerPlus is a great addition to PowerObjects already excellent commitment to customer service. It allows us to find even more new and creative ways to benefit from CRM and tailor it to our business.– Dale Kalsow, IT Manager, GWG

Ready for PowerPlus?