Parature, from Microsoft

The support channel and its customer preferences have drastically changed over the years, from solely phone support to a full suite of customer service options. These changes have greatly impacted customer service behavior, making it more important than ever to understand end users and their needs and wants. Enter Parature, from Microsoft, an integrated multi-channel customer service software.

See a real-world example of Parature in action in our customer success video featuring Monoprice.

A Customer Service Software Made for the Customer

Parature customer service software is a 100% SaaS solution and is highly configurable while also providing a flexible set of REST-based APIs. This software offers a mobile service desk and customer support, social engagement and listening, and a variety of other great additions. These components are all focused on creating a seamless customer service portal for organizations.

PowerObjects now offers and implements Parature as part of its Dynamics CRM offerings. Dynamics CRM is all about streamlining workloads, sales automation, and marketing – making Parature the ideal addition to round outCRM’s already robust services list.

Take advantage and leverage the great case management Parature allows by adding industry knowledge and an omni-channel customer experience, including:

Single Sign-On

Ticket Management

Content Management (Knowledgebase & Download Modules)

Full Support

Feature Adds

Portal Management & Customization

Parature APIs

Live Chat

Ticket & Chat Feedback

Get Started with Parature

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