CRM for Retail and Consumer Packaged Goods

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a modern business solution built to exceed the expectations of today and embrace the opportunities of tomorrow. In a time where consumers are empowered like never before with real-time information through mobility, social media, and online channels, Dynamics 365 is your key to providing amazing customer experiences that foster enduring loyalty.

The PowerObjects Approach:

With over two decades of experience creating solutions for global retail and CPG enterprises, HCL and PowerObjects, an HCL company have shifted the solution delivery paradigm. Partnering with Microsoft, our innovative, pre-built solutions will knock down the most urgent core issues in the industry with the swiftness to stay one step ahead of the competition.

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When they say requirements first, we say solution first.
When they focus on defining problems, we focus on action.
When they say next quarter,
we say now.

Featured Pre-Built Solutions

  • Robotics Enabled Customer Service Agent

    A cognitive platform enabling a virtual customer service agent to provide two-way communication with customers.

  • Unified Customer View

    An enhanced CRM platform that sets up, enhances, and governs data.

  • Rush to Pack

    Workflow solutions for brand and product managers through Azure solutions that includes digital asset management and collaboration capabilities.

  • Connected Sales

    Empowering sales by providing critical information in real-time for efficient field execution.

  • Rush to Buy

    Vendor analytics, procurement planning, and buying decisions streamlined through Dynamics 365.