Clinical Trial
Management System

Includes models for both institutions and sponsors. Track and manage all aspects of clinical trials including IRB submissions, critical documents, visit and resource scheduling, finances (budgets, invoicing, reconciliation, projections), and patient communications.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM for your Clinical Trial Management System

Clinical Trial Management. It’s characterized by a lot of moving parts, time sensitive activities, and regulatory compliance issues. There’s document tracking, IRB submissions, scheduling, patient visits, and more than a fair share of data. Losing track of any one of these things can reduce productivity and cause cash-flow issues.

PowerObjects specializes in configuring Microsoft Dynamics CRM for healthcare. It’s our “RxRM” approach to customer relationship management. One of the solutions we’ve developed is RxRM for clinical trial management systems (CTMS), with models for the unique needs of sponsors and institutions.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM as a Clinical Trial Management System

So What Can You Do with RxRM for CTMS?

  • Review critical trial information at a glance, including upcoming patient visits, monies owed and projections for future reimbursements

  • Receive automatic reminders of documents you need and when they expire

  • Communicate with physicians and sponsors

  • Quickly record new enrollments, personnel and patient details

  • Automatically create management reports as worked is performed

  • Reduce time spent gathering information on clinical trial progress across the organization

Financial Services and Contact Centers

PowerObjects has implemented Microsoft Dynamics CRM solutions for contact centers and understands the unique challenges they face. We develop tailored solutions that enable contact centers to handle more interactions and provide an optimized customer experience.

  • IRB Submissions

    Initial submission, revisions, annual approvals and more.

  • Critical Document Handling

    Medical licenses, CV’s, FDA 1572 forms, protocols, informed consents, contracts and more.

  • Visit Scheduling

    Automatic visit window dates and task list generation.

  • Financial Tracking: Activity

    Generated invoicing and payment reconciliation.

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Thinking about how you can better manage clinical trials?