Build, configure, and send surveys from within CRM for Dynamics 365.




What is PowerSurveyPlus?

Collecting survey data can be a pain; PowerSurveyPlus makes it easy. With PowerObjects’ surveying solution, Dynamics 365 users can easily build robust surveys from within their CRM and send them directly to their account, contact and lead records. Once a survey recipient has filled out the survey, PowerSurveyPlus creates a survey activity in CRM regarding the recipient with the answers given during the survey

    • Utilizes multiple Azure clouds
    • Robust HTML survey designer with drag and drop capabilities
    • Customize multiple page survey
    • Ability to create templates for pages, sections, and questions that can be utilized across all surveys
    • Expression logic, which allows certain sections of a survey to appear or be hidden based on a previous response
    • Progress bar to indicate how far the respondent is through the survey
    • Survey Activities tracked directly back to CRM and the respondent’s corresponding record
    • Send surveys in bulk through PowerMailChimp
    • Ability to conduct anonymous surveys
    • Ability to conduct phone surveys and record responses on the fly under the record
    • Ability to set up automated processes to trigger the sending of surveys ability to reporting off of individual responses


Supports 12 Question Types Including:
  • Matrix
  • Multiple Checkbox
  • Numeric
  • And many more

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$2 USD CRM user per month*
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Any Online or on-premise implementation of:
•CRM 2013 SP1 UR3+
•CRM 2015
•CRM 2016 SP1+
•Dynamics 365

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