Easily create drip campaigns and automate your marketing efforts within CRM for Dynamics 365.



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What is PowerNurture?

Ever wish you could put your marketing PowerPack Add-ons on auto-pilot?  With PowerNurture, PowerPack subscribers can create campaigns to automate communication and actions based on the contact or lead’s action (or inaction).

Combine wait, check and action steps throughout the campaign to drive the recipient to take action.  If the recipient doesn’t interact with the communication, the campaign will branch allowing users to take other actions such as creating a phone call task or running workflows.

PowerNurture works with any of the PowerPack Add-ons that users are subscribed to from the list below:

  • PowerEmail
  • PowerMailChimp
  • PowerSMS
  • PowerScore
  • PowerShare
  • PowerSurveyPlus
  • PowerWebForm
  • PowerWebTraffic
  • PowerZapEvent

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Any Online or on-premise implementation of:

  • CRM 2013 SP1 UR3+
  • CRM 2015
  • CRM 2016
  • Dynamics 365