Activity Utility

Automatically populate “related record” fields when a CRM activity is saved, allowing you to show related contact information on an activity report, or advanced find.

More Information

Whether reporting through the Advanced Find or through the Report Wizard in Microsoft Dynamics CRM, one of the greatest challenges is getting information related to the Contact to show on the report.

Out of the box, Activities have several ways of being “tracked” against a record in CRM. The best one for reporting is the “Regarding” field. However, the regarding field is not always set, and each activity type (email, phone call, appointment, ect.) has different fields that also show who the activity is related to. Plus, the regarding field can only contain one CRM record.

What if you want to set the activity regarding a lead AND an opportunity? Or a case AND a contact? That’s where the activity utility comes in. The activity utility adds a “related record” section to each CRM activity, with lookup fields to a company, contact and lead, which will automatically be populated with the information in the “To” or “From” field of the email, the “Recipient” or “Sender” of the phone call, ect. when the activity is saved. Since these new lookups are direct relationships to the Contact, you can then Report through those relationships and display fields related to the Contact on an Advanced Find query, report or Campaign Response.

System Requirements

This log utility works with any Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 and 2013 on-premise or PowerObjects-hosted implementation. The log utility DOES NOT work with CRM online.