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It’s all about content

Windows 8 drives us to think about building applications in entirely new ways. Organizations will want to move away from old interfaces into new interfaces. The content will be front and center and application itself will disappear into the background.

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More than just a new interface

What does all this mean for Dynamics CRM and Windows 8 together? Apps are changing from data-centric to process-centric. Users will not jump into an application because they have to perform a given task; they will be enticed into an application by the content. It’s a simple but powerful concept.

Here’s an example. In a typical scenario, you would tell your sales force to review leads, and add tasks to follow up using Dynamics CRM. You would tell them to update their opportunities and make sure they focus on filling their pipeline, not just focus on what is closing this month. And you would want them to share information and work as a team to win more deals. To do this, you would traditionally give them software to facilitate these tasks, but it involves training and the use of a carrot or a stick.

With Windows 8, we designed software to draw people into the application instead of telling them to use the application. You’d see a live tile that states that you have 6 new leads, 4 new web form submissions, or 8 new customer visits to your web site. You would see comments from a peer on a big opportunity, or 4 new wins.

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How is this different from old applications? Old design focused on standard navigation and on screens to display the data. It was your basic read, write, update and delete. You had to know what the data was, you had to know how to use the screen, and you had to know what you wanted to accomplish. It involved lists or records, opening records and updating records.

Now we want to build processes and applications that entice the user to act upon the data. The goal is to create an interface that allows you to manipulate data on the screen by interacting with the screen.

This Dynamics CRM app focuses on three main hubs:

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The Sales Hub
The People Hub
The Marketing Hub

So how do you get started?

Dynamics CRM and Windows 8 work great together. PowerObjects can assist your organization getting started with Windows 8 and Microsoft Dynamics CRM. To learn more,

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