Power8CRM Overview

Power8CRM: A Dynamics CRM App for Windows 8

PowerObjects has been working hard to develop a Dynamics CRM app for Windows 8 that allows teams to manage sales, marketing and people. This app—Power8CRM— is now available in the Microsoft Store to download onto your tablet.

Power8CRM is free. PowerObjects will be releasing new features every 2-3 weeks in the early stages as we continue to develop the sales and marketing process in Windows 8. If you use Dynamics CRM, this is one app you definitely want!

Why do we think you’ll get great value out of this Dynamics CRM app?

Because it’s not all about cool splash screens and colorful charts. It’s about business processes. You need to know what is in your pipeline, what has been done and what needs to be done. You need to be able to create new opportunities, create tasks and complete tasks to win deals. Most importantly, you need to be able to do it in real time. Your team needs to know what is going on and be able to share that information with everyone else.

Explore Power8CRM

This Dynamics CRM app focuses on three main hubs:

Power8CRM Overview
The Sales Hub
The People Hub
The Marketing Hub

How to Get Started with Power8CRM

All of the functionality we’ve described for Power8CRM is built on Microsoft Dynamics CRM, so you’ll need that before you can use the app.

When you load Power8CRM, you’ll need to enter your organization information. Your CRM must be Dynamics CRM online, Partner Hosted or On-premise IFD enabled.

To see all the features of Power8CRM, you’ll need to install two of PowerObjects’ add-ons: PowerPhoto and PowerWebTraffic. If you have Dynamics CRM and PowerPack features loaded already, you’re ready to load Power8CRM.


What if you work with multiple instances of Dynamics CRM? Good news! Power8CRM allows you to define multiple organizations. Simply go into settings, select organizations, and from there you can switch, add or remove an organization.

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