Hearing Technology Company

This customer is a leader in hearing solutions.

Non-Profit Health Plan Provider

Non-Profit Health Plan Provider leverages CRM to enhance the functionality of their core processes.

Data Solution Provider

Data Solution Provider takes advantage of Dynamics CRM’s robust dashboard and reporting functionality.

Healthcare Product Developer

Healthcare product developer utilizes CRM for it’s customer centric focus and capabilities

Transportation Solutions Provider

Transportation solutions and cash management services provider utilizes CRM 2013 Online for its robust outlook client integration, web client, and robust mobile capabilities.

Recycling Company

Recycling Company leverages CRM for lead and account management.

Health Organization

Health Organization leverages Dynamics CRM to manage medical appeals

Industrial Engineering Provider

Industrial Engineering Services Provider leverages CRM to standardize processes and maintain organizational records

Minnesota Healthcare Provider

Minnesota Healthcare Provider manages grant applications with CRM’s customizable workflow functionality

Leading Beverage Company

Food and Beverage Company leverages dynamics CRM to manage their internal call center operations.