CRM Education for Microsoft Dynamics 365

Developer Training

CRM Developer Training

Duration: 3 Days
If you’re a technical user looking to extend CRM, this is the whirlwind introduction you need. First, this course will discuss when and why you extend CRM with custom code, and what various custom code options are supported through the Software Development Kit (SDK). This is followed by a hands-on portion where you will learn how to create and deploy web resources, as well as create and deploy plugins within your CRM environment. This course will also cover the nuances of creating CRM reports and the integration options in CRM.

Advanced technical. Experience with relational databases, SQL, SSRS, and light programming required. Understanding of basic CRM functionality and CRM customization knowledge required.

Topics Covered

Extending CRM Overview

Scripting and Web Resources

Extending CRM with Plugins

Integration Options

What’s Different about CRM Reports

CRM Advance Developer Training

Duration: 3 Days
Now that you’ve developed a few plug-ins and written some JavaScript for CRM, you’re probably ready to take the next step. This course will explore how you can more efficiently create, debug and test your plug-ins and custom workflows so you’ll be able to work faster and ensure what you’ve developed will hold up to changes over time. From the client side of things, learn to create and debug more advanced functionality by using HTML alongside REST and SOAP requests. Finally to tie everything together, topics like solution management, source control, and deployment will be covered.