Advanced Processes Training

Advanced CRM Processes

Duration: 2 Days
After a quick review of the processes basics, this course goes into depth with numerous hands-on exercises that enable students to master the workflows, dialogues, and process flows. This class will start with a simple workflow and move into working on advanced workflows with child workflows, and real-time workflows. Although no coding will be done in class, this course will briefly touch on how workflows can be extended with code. In the same fashion, Dialogs will be covered from basics to using workflow and child dialogs within a process. Lastly, you will leave understanding how to create and update process flow stages, categories, and steps and create processes that go across entities or branch at various stages.

Intermediate or advanced technical. Basic understanding of Microsoft Dynamics CRM functionality required. Strong understanding of relational databases required.

Topics Covered

Understanding Basic Worflows

Wait Conditions, Child Workflows, Real-Time Workflows

Extending Workflows with Code

Dialog Basics

Leveraging Workflow in Dialogs

Child Dialogs

Process Flow Stages, Categories, and Steps

Switching Processes

Cross-entity Processes

Branching Processes

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