CRM Training for Dynamics 365

CRM University Certificate

Pursue a CRM University Certificate – PowerObjects’ CRM University offers certificates for different learning paths, including CRM Administrator, CRM Trainer, and CRM Developer.

CRM Administrator

This certificate is targeted towards those who will initially architect CRM and/or be responsible for maintaining the ongoing alignment of the CRM system with business processes.

CRM Trainer

CRM trainers may be responsible for conducting a “train-the-trainer” within an organization or training end-users directly. Either way, trainers need a knowledge of everything CRM can do.

CRM Developer

Although CRM developers primarily focuses on technical work, they need a foundational understanding of the raw materials they are working with—this is the CRM platform.

Attend a Training

Based on your Dynamics 365 goals attend a CRM University course to meet your needs.

CRM University courses are offered across the U.S. for your convenience. Whether you are just starting your journey with Dynamics 365, learning new features and functionality or looking to broaden your knowledge in a specific area we have the course for you!