CRM Education for Microsoft Dynamics 365

CRM Citizen Developer Training

CRM Citizen Developer Training for Dynamics 365

Duration: 4 Days
As Microsoft Dynamics 365 has evolved so has the business needs of an organization. With this evolution, the Dynamics 365 administrator skill set needs to evolve, but to learn a coding language or hire a developer isn’t always an option to create, modify and configure new business applications. This fast pace training is designed to bridge that gap while getting you up to speed quickly, on not only what is new with Dynamics 365, but also a deep dive into advanced configuration, low code development and runtime environments.

The CRM Citizen Developer for Dynamics 365 training is intended for administrators and configurators who have completed the CRM Boot Camp for Dynamics 365 training, or equivalent experience, and desires to continue their technical education with Microsoft Dynamics 365 without extending. This course assumes working knowledge of skills outlined in the Boot Camp course. This course is designed to provide a deeper understanding of the advance processes and low code platform options an attendee can leverage in Microsoft Dynamics 365.