WEBINAR: What is Office 365 Really and Where Does Dynamics 365 Fit in?

When considering making the move to Office 365, there can be a lot of questions. What is Office 365 anyway? Is it hard to transition to Office 365? Which types

[WEBINAR] CRM for Dynamics 365: What’s New Overview (Thursday Session)

This 30-minute session will explore and demo of what’s new with the CRM for Dynamics 365 update

[WEBINAR] CRM for Dynamics 365: CRM App for Outlook (Thursday Session)

Join us for this 30-minute session as we see how old friends like knowledge base articles, sales literature and email templates can be pulled in directly from CRM for Dynamics 365 into our emails.

[WEBINAR] CRM for Dynamics 365: What’s New in Field Service (Tuesday Session)

In this 30-minute session, we’ll explore how the new field service functionality can anticipate, automate and even help prevent system disturbance.

[WEBINAR] CRM for Dynamics 365: Relationship Insights (Tuesday Session)

In this 30-minute webinar we will explore the new relationship insight functionality that Sales Managers and CRM administrators have been craving displayed visually within your CRM for Dynamics 365.

[WEBINAR] CRM for Dynamics 365: Mobile Features (Thursday Session)

During this 30-minute webinar we will see all the new bells and whistles that empowers us to do our jobs via our pocket.

[WEBINAR] CRM for Dynamics 365: What’s New in Portals (Tuesday Session)

This 30-minute session explore how to make your customer, business partners or employees’ experience better via the updated functionality.

[WEBINAR] CRM for Dynamics 365: Designing the User Experience (Thursday Session)

Designing your CRM for Dynamics 365 just got a little bit easier.  We’re talking about any business application needed for your CRM for Dynamics 365 system: entities, charts and business

[WEBINAR] CRM for Dynamics 365: Learning Paths (Tuesday Session)

Have you ever leveraged a “how to” YouTube video?  Or used a step-by-step guide to complete a task?  Get ready, during this 30-minutes we will demo this functionality and explore

[WEBINAR] CRM for Dynamics 365: What’s New in Project Service (Tuesday Session)

Project managers rejoice!  This 30-minute webinar will dive into how Microsoft project can now connect to CRM for Dynamics 365.  Staffing that project just got easier!  Build your project plan,