[WEBINAR] Creating Better Customer Experiences by Empowering Your Service Ambassadors

During this webinar, we’ll discuss how you can ensure your service agents have the right tools and information at the right time, to provide a superior level of service that will delight your customers.

[WEBINAR] Integrating AssureSign’s Electronic Signature Software with Dynamics 365

Looking to streamline your sales process within Dynamics 365? Discover how PowerObjects enabled their sales team to spend less time sending, and more time selling by implementing AssureSign’s Electronic Signature

WEBINAR: What is Office 365 Really and Where Does Dynamics 365 Fit in?

When considering making the move to Office 365, there can be a lot of questions. What is Office 365 anyway? Is it hard to transition to Office 365? Which types

[WEBINAR] CRM for Dynamics 365: What’s New Overview (Thursday Session)

This 30-minute session will explore and demo of what’s new with the CRM for Dynamics 365 update

[WEBINAR] CRM for Dynamics 365: CRM App for Outlook (Thursday Session)

Join us for this 30-minute session as we see how old friends like knowledge base articles, sales literature and email templates can be pulled in directly from CRM for Dynamics 365 into our emails.

[WEBINAR] CRM for Dynamics 365: What’s New in Field Service (Tuesday Session)

In this 30-minute session, we’ll explore how the new field service functionality can anticipate, automate and even help prevent system disturbance.

[WEBINAR] CRM for Dynamics 365: Relationship Insights (Tuesday Session)

In this 30-minute webinar we will explore the new relationship insight functionality that Sales Managers and CRM administrators have been craving displayed visually within your CRM for Dynamics 365.

[WEBINAR] CRM for Dynamics 365: Mobile Features (Thursday Session)

During this 30-minute webinar we will see all the new bells and whistles that empowers us to do our jobs via our pocket.

[WEBINAR] CRM for Dynamics 365: What’s New in Portals (Tuesday Session)

This 30-minute session explore how to make your customer, business partners or employees’ experience better via the updated functionality.

[WEBINAR] CRM for Dynamics 365: Designing the User Experience (Thursday Session)

Designing your CRM for Dynamics 365 just got a little bit easier.  We’re talking about any business application needed for your CRM for Dynamics 365 system: entities, charts and business