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October 5, 2017 at 8:00 am 
thru October 5, 2017 at 9:00 am 


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This is an online webinar

If managed well, General Data Protection Regulation and Payment Services Directive 2 provide a spring-board to create trust, loyalty and stronger customer relationships that leapfrog the competition – but are these regulations friend or foe?

Join PowerObjects, One Connected Community and leaders in the financial services sector for a webinar where we’ll dive into the challenges within the industry and how technology platforms such as Microsoft Dynamics 365 provides the foundation for strengthening your customer relationships.

Topics to be Covered Include: 
• How will increased data sharing drive new business models? To what extent are we likely to see collaboration Vs competition, and aggregation Vs disaggregation?
• How will open banking impact the customer? To what extent are we likely to see increased account switching?
• Open banking provides a greater breadth of data (which needs to be systematically processed and stored under GDPR). But beyond this, what processes, systems and technology elicit the most value and actionable insights from data to create customer experiences that wow?
• PSD2 facilitates a more open banking ecosystem in which third parties have access to more customer data than ever. But who ultimately is responsible for the customer (and their personal data)? And how technology, such as CRM, help manage increased data flow?

Featured Speakers Include:

Paul Rogers, Director of Microsoft Dynamics 365, PowerObjects
Jamie Harding, Partner, Financial Services, One Connected Community
Will Beeson, Head of Operations and Innovation, Civilised Bank
Francesca Gandolfo, COO, OakNorth
Paul Riseborough, Chief Commercial Officer, Metro Bank
Mark Hartley, Strategic Advisor, PSD2 & GDPR, Nordea & Nationwide