CRM Case Study
Waukesha-Pearce Industries

WPI gets up and running quickly with hosted Microsoft Dynamics CRM improving sales efficiency and customer service capabilities.


In the process of restructuring their marketing and sales operations the company determined to find a better CRM solution to meet their needs.


Migrated data from previous CRM and deployed Microsoft Dynamics CRM to 80+ staff members in the Engine Division within just 30 days.

Key Benefits

WPI now has greater insight into their sales pipeline and has given management the sales intelligence they needed.

Houston-based Waukesha-Pearce Industries (WPI) is a global designer and packager of engine-driven equipment which includes power generation, pumps, blowers, control panels, and switchgears. The company operates two divisions: an Engine Division focused on packaging and servicing all types of rotating equipment for the oil and gas industry, and a Construction Machinery Division offering off-road and advanced earth moving and demolition equipment. In order to keep up with business growth, and more effectively manage their sales and customer service operations, WPI implemented hosted Microsoft Dynamics CRM.


For several years, WPI was using another on-demand CRM solution, to record customer interactions, track follow-up activities with customers and prospects, and manage sales forecasting. In the process of restructuring their marketing and sales operations to better meet their growing needs, the company determined that their existing CRM solution would not meet their long-term requirements.


WPI looked to a leading Microsoft Dynamics CRM partner, PowerObjects, to implement a hosted CRM solution.

Within 30 days, the PowerObjects team migrated the data from the previous CRM and quickly deployed hosted Microsoft Dynamics CRM to the majority of the 80+ staff members in the Engine Division.

As a value-add in working with PowerObjects, WPI also received PowerObject’s PowerPack modules free of charge. These modules, PowerEmail, PowerDashboard, PowerSurvey, PowerView, PowerEdit, and PowerFax, extend and enhance the functionality of CRM for the company. “We use many of the add-on tools every day and find them to be great enhancements to the already robust functionality of CRM,” said Highberger.

We evaluated many hosted CRM solutions and felt that Microsoft Dynamics CRM and PowerObjects fit our needs the best and would allow us the stability and flexibility that we need for our long-term growth objectives. We were really impressed with PowerObject’s professionalism, disciplined approach, and overall knowledge of how Microsoft Dynamics CRM would help our business.

-Jason Highberger, Manager of Sales & Services Support at WPI

Key Benefits

“Microsoft Dynamics CRM fits our needs perfectly and has given our company a competitive edge,” he added. From a sales perspective, WPI has greater insight into their sales pipeline and has given management the sales intelligence they needed. “Before Microsoft Dynamics CRM, our sales data was unreliable and inconsistent. Our sales teams could not accurately forecast sales or plan for future needs.” With the restructuring of their sales force and mapping CRM to their business processes, WPI’s sales teams are now more focused and effective. The new solution has given the sales teams a full view of customer and prospect information, giving them better ability to sell and service customers in real-time.

WPI has also leveraged Microsoft Dynamics CRM to help improve customer self-service capabilities. “Customers now have real-time access to the information they need including viewing maintenance records and historical data. This has dramatically helped improve our staff efficiency and customer service capabilities, giving us a competitive edge in the marketplace,” said Highberger.

He believes the company has realized substantial benefits thanks to PowerObject’s guidance and expertise. “Overall, PowerObjects has been a great partner to work with and CRM has become an invaluable tool for our company. We are adding more CRM users throughout our organization and look forward to taking advantage of all the functionality that Microsoft Dynamics CRM has to offer,” added Highberger.