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Trailer Manufacturer

Trailer Manufacturer


When this customer sought out PowerObjects, they were experiencing business pains with their current business processes. They were using point solutions to manage their marketing efforts such as e-mailing, digital advertising, web forms, and project management tools. These solutions kept information in separate silos, prohibiting the team from utilizing the information or tools to their full capacity. They also needed a marketing solution that would allow them to keep dealers informed on product and inventory updates, as well as enable manufacturer marketing on the behalf of dealers. Additionally, the customer was tapping into unique marketing channels such as eBay and Craigslist for lead generation. These new channels represented significant opportunity, but tracking data and monitoring ROI was challenging. There were other business pains as well, such as the high growth curve the company was experiencing. They really needed a system that could scale with them as they grew. Above all, the customer was using a composite system that was inefficient and was leaving money on the table by not nurturing and connecting timely offers to buyers.


PowerObjects worked with the customer to create a vision for a comprehensive, integrated solution for managing relationships; executing a complex digital marketing strategy; and identifying opportunities for improvement that would lead to real revenue. The goal was to maximize every hour and every person in order to continue to grow the business.

Key Benefits

By first understanding the customer’s detailed needs, PowerObjects was able to create a marketing automation solution for the customer, realizing that productivity, nurturing data-driven relationships, and analytics were necessary for the success of the customer’s vision. PowerObjects has taken this company’s vision and worked with them to design a complete system that encapsulates these needs. Now, the customer has a clear path to a Marketing driven solution that will continue to adapt to changes in their business strategy and tactics. Above all, the customer is now able to execute data driven processes within CRM and utilize full analytics with Microsoft Dynamics Marketing, CRM Online, Social Listening, and Power BI.