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Recycling Company

Recycling Company


This customer was looking to move off of Salesforce.com and implement a system that could handle their basic lead and account management. They were looking to gain better visibility into their relationships with their customers and needed help facilitating the lead management process. They needed a solution that would also satisfy the requirements of their regional account managers who require the ability to quickly add notes and have access to the information they
need on-demand in order to be proactive in the field. One additional key requirement was that the platform they selected needed to provide better integration with their current systems and needed to have the ability to scale across multiple business functions, such as marketing and customer service.

The customer had a number of other key objectives in mind when they selected PowerObjects. They needed a relationship tool that worked with the other tools users were using (such as Microsoft Office and Microsoft Outlook); a 360-degree view of leads and customer interactions; an integration into their internal system; clear dashboards and charts that could update in real time; a marketing solution that could track campaigns and create marketing lists; and a solution that could scale across multiple business units.

Before engaging with PowerObjects, the customer was having issues tracking their sales activities. They wanted PowerObjects to find a more efficient way for them to track these activities as well as solve the issues their current system had with duplicate records. PowerObjects designed a system that was easy to use, scalable across multiple business units, and solved the issues with duplicate sales activities. Additionally, PowerObjects designed and developed a custom
integration between their in-house system and Dynamics CRM.


The customer is utilizing the Outlook client functionality to manage their email, task, and appointment activities. They also have offline capabilities, so if a user needs to have access to data even when not connected to the internet, users
can still enter activities in CRM. This gives sales reps greater autonomy while on the road. Once the rep reconnects online, the information is synched into their CRM system.

The customer implemented their CRM system for true sales force automation processes. They are utilizing leads, account, and contacts, as well as utilizing connections, which allows users to capture connections between accounts, contacts, and other record types. They can now view relationships such as partnerships between organizations, a contact’s affiliation with multiple organizations, possible linking of opportunities, and contact affiliations with other contacts.

Key Benefits

Additionally, this customer is utilizing PowerPhoto, a PowerPack add on. They are utilizing the added functionality to drag and drop images of bin locations at their customer sites. This allows them to easily track where items are located for a low monthly cost (per user, per month).

They sought out PowerObjects via word-of-mouth, and their implementation was completed in approximately five months.