CRM Case Study
Nonin Medical

Leading medical device manufacturer improves operational and sales efficiency with Microsoft Dynamics CRM.


Nonin lacked consistency and had multiple data sources which made it very difficult for them to maintain and share customer information.


PowerObjects implemented Microsoft Dynamics CRM for Nonin across the entire organization including management, operations, sales and marketing.

Key Benefits

With Dynamics CRM, Nonin now has a much more efficient sales organization with improved processes and greater visibility into sales pipelines.

Established in 1986, Nonin is a leading medical device manufacturer providing physiological monitoring solutions to medical professionals worldwide. They are considered the number one provider of pulse oximeters and table top monitoring devices in the industry. In order to keep up with growth, better manage customer relationships, their sales force, the company implemented Microsoft Dynamics CRM.


The Nonin sales team consists of U.S. and international representatives selling through distributors, an OEM team that sells to other manufacturers, and a new direct sales team that was recently formed. These sales teams were using multiple solutions to manage and track sales and customer information and interactions. The lack of consistency and multiple data sources made it very difficult for Nonin to maintain and share accurate customer information, manage the sales process and pipelines, and view reports to make critical business decisions.

Through the implementation of Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Nonin was able to improve the sales and lead management process, centralize customer information into one application, enable better reporting for more effective decision making, and improve communication throughout the entire organization.

From a marketing and sales perspective, Nonin has a rigorous event schedule attending more than 50 trade shows each year around the world. “We needed the ability to import leads easily and turn them around to the sales teams quickly for follow-up,” he added.


After reviewing other CRM products in the market, Nonin chose Microsoft Dynamics CRM because of its seamless integration with other Microsoft applications, ease of use and the expertise of leading Microsoft CRM partner, PowerObjects, to implement the solution. The solution was implemented across the organization including the sales, marketing and management teams.

“PowerObjects was the best candidate to work with since they are 100 percent dedicated to the product and has highly experienced staff with numerous successful CRM implementations under their belt. They were able to present all options based on our business needs and led us through the entire process very well. PowerObjects’ in depth knowledge of business processes and the ability to describe an end-to-end solution that would meet all our needs really impressed us,” said Trask.

The entire implementation for the first phase of the project was completed within three months. PowerObjects migrated all of the disparate data into one data source, developed the workflows, and customized the reports.

Nonin also received additional functionality for CRM though PowerObject’s PowerPack modules free-of- charge. “In addition, to their knowledge and expertise, one of the other reasons we chose PowerObjects was the value-added products they provided to us to extend and enhance the functionality of CRM,” he said. These add-on products included PowerEmail, PowerDashboard, PowerSurvey, PowerView, PowerEdit, and PowerFax. “Our team loves these tools and they have been a great added bonus,” added Trask.

We were using spreadsheets, email, phone and fax to manage our sales efforts and pulling sales pipeline reports was a very time intensive effort. In addition, we didn’t have the ability to maintain accurate information or share the status of a particular account with other team members.

-Rick Trask, Head of IT at Nonin

Key Benefits

Nonin now has a much more efficient sales organization with improved processes and greater visibility into sales pipelines. Lead information received from trade shows and other lead generation activities flows automatically into Microsoft Dynamics CRM and then accessed by the appropriate sales teams. “CRM has allowed us to process our leads within 48 hours vs. weeks. Our reps now have the ability to better qualify prospects and close deals faster. Our sales managers now have the lead reporting visibility which saves us so much time and has allowed our teams to prioritize and focus on closing business,” said Trask. With sales reps located all over the world, the new CRM has greatly improved communication internally and has reduced the likelihood of reps duplicating efforts.

“The CRM tool has brought together our entire global sales organization’s information along with our internal teams activities,” said Kevin McGowan, VP of Sales at Nonin.

Prior to the new system, the ramp up time to bring on new sales reps was considerable. “CRM has allowed us to ramp up our new sales teams much faster because it’s very easy-to-use and our reps pick it up and start using it within the first week,” said Trask.

Overall, Nonin has experienced great results from Microsoft Dynamics CRM. “The integrated system that PowerObjects put in place gives us the intelligence we needed and has added tremendous value to our organization which strengthens our position as a leader in this market,” said Trask.