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Nationwide Boat Dealer

Nationwide Boat Dealer


Previously, the customer launched their CRM initiative with a different partner who advised them that they needed to use a custom entity for incoming leads. This was an issue for the customer because they wanted to utilize a third party solution, ClickDimensions. That solution, however, only works with out-of-thebox activities and entities such as leads, campaigns, responses, etc.

The customer then engaged with PowerObjects to find a solution for this issue. PowerObjects replaced the customer’s current integration for leads with a new integration that used the out-of-the-box lead entity. This allowed the customer to utilize ClickDimensions. The integration consisted of processing leads from approximately three sources in addition to the customer’s website. In addition to the setup/configuration of the out-of-the-box lead entity, PowerObjects was tasked with migrating the existing leads from the custom entity.

The customer also wanted to be able to record the history of the lead source, so PowerObjects created source and source history fields (available on the contact record created for each lead). Source history was created using multiple points of input for lead sources.


PowerObjects created a custom solution that took leads and created the appropriate contact and lead records (after running duplicate checking on various fields). It also populated the source data and created a lead history record as needed.

Custom notifications are linked to a salesperson, store manager, and/or product group based on the product entered in the lead capture. Email and phone
call activities are created automatically based on the lead received, allowing for quick turnarounds for salespeople, store managers, and product groups.

Key Benefits

Additionally, the customer has CRM integrated into three websites, pulling in information and populating it in CRM. PowerObjects used C# and Scribe to trigger the solution. CRM’s marketing functionality is also a being utilized by the customer. They are initiating and tracking both online and offline campaigns using these out-of-the-box components.

With PowerObjects’ help, the customer re-vamped their internal development environments and processes. They wanted to use Microsoft CRM as it was intended, and are now successfully utilizing CRM for marketing, lead management, and reporting.