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Large Print and Digital Media Organization

Large Print and Digital Media Organization


The company needed to move off of their old technology platform, Advantage, which was over 20 years old. The aging system required multiple databases for reporting, as well as third-party applications, integrations, imports, and exports to handle their marketing orders processing and subscriptions.


The company engaged PowerObjects to assist them with the move off of Advantage and their third-party products, replacing the platform with an on-premises version of Microsoft Dynamics CRM. PowerObjects also helped the organization integrate CRM with their ERP software, Epicor, a sophisticated system that handles the continuity subscriptions for the company’s customers.

PowerObjects used SSIS as the integration method for the customer’s website, Epicor ERP system, and a data warehouse. PowerObjects also integrated Dynamics CRM with the customer’s website. This integration gave customers the ability to login to their online profiles, update their information, modify and add subscriptions, and place orders online.

PowerObjects worked closely with this customer over a period of two years to fully complete this complex implementation.

Key Benefits

One of the main reasons the company chose to move to Microsoft Dynamics CRM is that it was far more powerful than their Advantage system. With Microsoft Dynamics CRM, the organization now has a 360-degree view of their customer base, and makes use of the platform’s functionality in marketing, sales, and service for managing orders. The organization can track all customer-specific information as well as all of their sales orders, invoices, continuity history, and contracts. CRM also serves as the backend for each of the organization’s different club websites and integrates into their ERP system. This means that club members can use website portals to place orders online, their information syncs back to CRM, and the order is automatically fulfilled by ERP.

The organization also makes innovative use out of Microsoft Dynamics CRM’s campaign feature. Through campaigns, the company can efficiently distribute promotions and offers to thousands of individuals. They obtain a list of contacts and then import this list into Dynamics CRM as a prospects or lead. When these individuals receive these offers and/or packages they can then sign up for services or memberships for certain clubs.