Solution Story

Insurance provider leverages CRM to achieve consistent customer engagement and increase service levels.


This customer is an Insurance Provider.


This customer wanted to redesign their processes, solutions, and teams in order to execute an increasingly customer-centric focus. Their current state systems are more aligned to manage Insurance Policy Transactions and are not conducive to customer-centric personalized services. The customer sees a Call Center focused optimization of member information, customer service tools, and proprietorial processes key to cost effective and consistent customer engagement and increasing service levels. As part of their journey, the customer initiated a Customer Experience Program in 2009 with the goal of creating a customer experience where the customer feels valued, secure, and confident.

As part of the reengineering of customer processes and transactions, the customer is focusing on three key methods for improvement at this time:

  • Moving from being Reactive to Proactive
  • Changing communication directions from Inbound to Outbound
  • Evolving from system Isolation to Integration

Overall, the customer needed a better system for managing customer data and keeping track of their unique demographics, interaction preferences, and policies. Information regarding customer interactions needed to be located in a single system to create a more efficient and effective customer service experience. Improved automated processes would ensure that the right cases were routed to the appropriate team for quicker resolution.


During the customer experience analysis, the customer identified the need for an integrated approach to enhance their customer experience. A gap analysis was performed to examine the results of the mapping experience and evaluate the present products in place. Existing systems presented a fragmented, isolated, and occasionally redundant experience. It was determined that a customer-centric CRM system would decrease system isolation while fostering a better customer experience. PowerObjects and the customer’s analysis of their business needs determined that developing a 360° view of the customer and improving procedural workflows would be critical in driving revenue, reducing costs and enhancing the customer experience.

Key Benefits

By leveraging Microsoft Dynamics CRM and CCA, PowerObjects ensured that all of the information regarding customer interactions were located in one system. New workflow processes allow for the collection of feedback from customers, which can then be analyzed, providing our customer with enhanced customer insight and an improved customer experience. A dynamic Knowledge Base pulls in the appropriate content for customers. Custom-built web applications cover information on benefits, eligibility, policies, and history, which are pulled for Customer Service Representatives as needed. Cases are routed to the appropriate teams and process-specific guidance is displayed automatically based on the customer scenario. As the customer provides input on their needs, the solution routes the administrative tasks automatically to the optimized team for resolving the issue.

The full-scale vision for this project is a three-year phased approach.