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CLEAResult is a leading provider of energy optimization solutions, helps utilities, businesses and individuals make wise use of energy a way of life.


CLEAResult needed a CRM partner that could provide on-going support and customizations, and help them become more self-sufficient with their CRM system.


CLEAResult has a more self-sufficient xRM/CRM system that allows them to make quick customizations and changes to their system internally.

Key Benefits

Allowing full integration to analyze, present, and pull data from their incentive processing center, field audit tools, call center, and program teams.


CLEAResult had once relied on homegrown systems and Excel spreadsheets to store data and track projects, until they decided to make the switch to Microsoft Dynamics CRM. After an initial CRM implementation, CLEAResult was looking to form a strategic partnership with a new CRM partner that could provide on-going support and help CLEAResult become more self-sufficient with their CRM system. The organization chose PowerObjects as the partner to take their Dynamics CRM system to the next level through creating better system stability and developing ongoing improvements to CLEAResult’s CRM solution, called Pulse.

CLEAResult needed a Dynamics CRM partner that would:

  • Provide staff augmentation
  • Continue to improve system stability and provide on-going updates
  • Ensure the system is meeting best practices
  • Develop a more self-sufficient system that would allow CLEAResult to make quick customizations and changes to their system internally


We were very impressed with PowerObjects’ sole focus on CRM and it really spoke to their deep expertise. We also liked the four pillar model PowerObjects has – with education and support being very important to us.

- Reza Shirazi, Director of Business Systems at CLEAResult


CLEAResult needed a partner that could help with CRM support and provide on-going customizations, revisions, and updates to their systems. “We wanted a partner who wouldn’t just be around for the implementation, but a partner who would live with us for the lifecycle of the product,” says Reza Shirazi, Director of Business Systems at CLEAResult.

PowerObjects provided a full health check to improve system stability, and to ensure best practices were met. “Initially, we were really challenged with infrastructure and there were a lot of outages and instability in our system. PowerObjects provided suggestions for how to create a more stable system; they did a health check, and came up with recommendations,” Shirazi adds. PowerObjects continues to provide full-scale testing and quick developments.

CLEAResult needed to be able to make quick customizations and additions to their CRM system to fit their unique business processes. PowerObjects’ partnership and on-going support has aided CLEAResult’s ability to fully own their CRM system internally. The organization can now take projects from development to production internally much easier than before.

PowerObjects also provided interim CRM support to CLEAResult. “One of our pain points was not having a CRM support resource at CLEAResult. PowerObjects jumped in and did interim support until we hired a CRM administrator and they did a full knowledge transfer,” Shirazi says.

Key Benefits

CLEAResult uses an on-premise Dynamics CRM solution as an xRM platform, which allows them to fully integrate, analyze, present, and use data from their incentive processing center, field audit tools, call center, and program teams. With the CRM implementation, the organization is able to help utilities increase project conversion rates, and cultivate long-term relationships with customers.

CLEAResult can track all their customer interactions – from the initial outreach, to the application process, to incentive payment and verification. Because the solution is flexible, it is much easier for them to manage their portfolio of energy efficiency programs with varying workflows, incentive structures, user types, energy efficiency measures and energy savings calculation methodologies. These streamlined and automated processes help improve efficiency and consistency.

CLEAResult can also create targeted marketing campaigns based on tracked customer data such as behavior, motivations, and program participation. They can access real-time information on each program’s performance through dashboards, data visualization charts, and customizable reports.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM is a cost-effective solution that optimizes program delivery for CLEAResult and helps create a positive experience for their customers. It is a full featured product that helps CLEAResult win work with clients and it also helps increase the efficiency of their internal teams. “Our Pulse system is critical to our business and having PowerObjects as a Dynamics CRM partner who understands this has been a huge benefit to us,” Shirazi says.

CLEAResult required a partner that could provide support post-implementation and who would be on hand in an on-going role through staff augmentation and dedicated support. PowerObjects’ strategic partnership with CLEAResult was key to meeting their unique needs.

“PowerObjects really takes the time to understand our business. They are proactive with how they assign resources to us and they make sure there is a solid internal knowledge transfer amongst their team. Their project managers and engineers always understand what we our needs are, and not having to worry about that knowledge transfer is a major value-add for us,” says Shirazi.