Solution Story

Audio equipment corporation migrates to CRM, taking advantage of its robust out-of-the-box capabilities.


This customer is an audio equipment corporation.


The customer sought out PowerObjects to help with their large migration project. The goal of this project was to move all of the customer’s data and current functionality from their legacy system, ACT!, to Microsoft Dynamics CRM. This project was critical for the customer because they needed a platform that was robust and flexible enough to support any future needs they may have, including an integration with SAP, customer service capabilities, and additional marketing functionality. Lastly, the platform needed to be able to integrate with other applications that the organization was using including Outlook. Additionally, the customer wanted to ensure that they were taking advantage of the out-of-the box capabilities Dynamics CRM had to offer. The customer was rolling Dynamics CRM out to employees in Sales, Marketing, and Sales Operations. These employees would access the system by a web browser and Outlook.


PowerObjects designed, developed, and deployed a Microsoft Dynamics CRM based solution for the customer that would assist with managing contracts, sales opportunities, and marketing activities. During Plan for Success, PowerObjects worked with the customer’s IT team to finalize server configuration for both production and test environments. PowerObjects also installed CRM for both test environments as well as the supporting components, which included an email router and Scribe.

PowerObjects migrated all data and current functionality from ACT! to Microsoft Dynamics CRM using Scribe so the customer can now take advantage of all of the out-of-the-box CRM capabilities. The data migration consisted of data cleansing; data mapping; identification and correction of outliers; as well as test and production conversion development activities. Both PowerObjects and the customer’s IT team worked together in the data migration effort.

Key Benefits

PowerObjects has provided the customer with a platform that is able to integrate with other applications the organization uses daily, including Outlook. The customer now has the ability to track, capture, and report upon information within the hierarchy of organizational relationships. Additionally, they are utilizing CRM to track new business opportunities; track equipment and associate it with the correct shipping company; maintain detailed information on competitors; utilize the campaign feature within CRM; and to use Connections to manage ad-hoc relationships between any entity in the system with a connection role, description, and more.

This customer plans on using CRM for managing contacts, leads, and opportunities. They became engaged with PowerObjects because of their need/want to integrate with SAP and perform quoting within CRM. They now have gained the capacity to discover customizations that will help match their unique business processes. The project took five months to complete.