Window was unable to open, and may have been blocked by a Pop-up blocker in Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Part Deux
March 1, 2010

Awhile back we posted THIS which described how to fix the error message shown below. While that fix worked for the vast majority of users experiencing the message, there still

Error Installing UR 8 and 9
February 14, 2010

We have recently run into an interesting bug while trying to install update rollup 8 and 9. The actual error file in the ur log file was: “Cannot insert the

One View in Microsoft Dynamics CRM
February 3, 2010

PowerObjects is always building new and cool features to add value to Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Whether you are implementing Sales Force Automation or building a custom xRM application we want

SharePoint HATES Plus Signs (+)

I recently ran into an issue with one of my clients who have an integreation between one of their custom entities and a SharePoint document library. The integration is pretty

Installing Outlook CRM Client – Mandatory updates for Microsoft Dynamics CRM could not be applied successfully
January 21, 2010

We recently ran into an interesting issue. During a rollout of the outlook crm client on various workstations running both vista and xp, we had one workstation where we simply

CRM 4 – Outlook CRM Client Stops Working After IE 8 Update
January 6, 2010

Sporadically we keep receiving reports of folks with the outlook crm client where they cannot open any new windows such as accounts, contacts,etc. They receive an error “there was an

CRM 4.0 and Windows Terminal Services – Tips and Tricks

We often get asked if the Outlook CRM 4 client works OK with Terminal services. The official answer is yes. Our answer is yes, but there can be minor issues.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Training
December 30, 2009

Whether you’re planning to implement Microsoft Dynamics CRM or bring new users up to speed, you’re looking for the best place to get trained and get started. Here is a

Dynamics CRM 4.0 Update Rollup 8 AutoUpdate Issue
December 23, 2009

Greetings CRM’ers We came across an interesting issue with the client side install of the recently released Update Rollup 8 today. After starting AutoUpdate from my Outlook Client I saw

CRM 4.0 Update Rollup 8 has been released
December 17, 2009

We are pleased to announce that Microsoft has released UR 8 for Dynamics CRM 4 has been released. Download it from here:     We’ll begin testing this weekend and will

The Ins and Outs of Synchronizing Contacts with Outlook CRM Client for CRM 4.0
December 15, 2009

In this blog I’ll be talking about synchronizing contacts with the outlook crm client. We all know that one of the biggest selling points of Dynamics CRM 4 is its

Outlook CRM Client Installation – Constant Pending Reboot
November 24, 2009

We have begun to hear report from our client of a potential new small glitch. For some reason the outlook crm environment check sometimes keeps insisting that there is a