Whenever we are working with cases in Microsoft Dynamics CRM there is always a need to automatically create cases based on defined business rules and from multiple channels like email, chat, etc. Many of us have already achieved this in earlier versions of Microsoft Dynamics CRM by creating Custom Workflows. There are many articles available […]

Sales literature is an important informational resource sales people use to present a product or service, many times to introduce potential customers to an offering at the beginning of the sales cycle.  While most companies now create and distribute sales literature electronically, it can still be a challenge to organize these documents in a consistent […]

How many times have you wished you could merge cases in Dynamics CRM? Maybe you wanted to combine multiple reports of the same issue coming from different channels (web, email or phone), or across different departments to eliminate redundancy. With the new Wave release you now have that ability. We think it’s so handy we’ve […]

Parent/Child Case relationships are among many updates rolled out as a part of Microsoft Dynamics CRM’s Spring ’14 Wave. Prior to utilizing this new relationship it is important to learn how to Configure the Settings for Parent and Child Cases. To learn about more new features of the Spring Wave check out PowerObjects’ Top 10 […]

For those out there wondering how to ensure that your Service Level Agreement (SLA) is not affected by a holiday that your organization recognizes, Spring ’14 Wave has an update for you! There is a new feature called Holiday Schedule that will be available to those who have installed the new updates to Dynamics CRM 2013. When […]

Are you an organization wondering how to ensure that Service Level Agreements are only impacted by business hours? Worry no longer inquisitive reader! There are a few simple steps in Microsoft Dynamics CRM that you can take to create a service schedule. But before you do this, you will need to create both a Holiday […]

It is another new and powerful feature for the Microsoft Dynamics Spring ’14 Wave Release; Service Level Agreements (SLAs) have the ability to track service expectation for cases. The new SLAs allows organizations to set up standards for the amount of time it takes to respond or complete a case. SLAs include four components: Applicable From: […]

Want to know the quickest way to view CRM metadata? This short and sweet blog will show you how you how to you can use the Organization Data service’s $metadata option to generate a quick view of the CRM entities. 1. Simply navigate to System > Customizations > Developer Resources to see the Organization Data […]

Parent/Child Case relationships are just one of the numerous and exciting new features of Microsoft Dynamics CRM’s new Spring ’14 Wave. Check out PowerObjects’ rundown of the Top 10 Features of Spring ’14 Wave for a look at our favorites. Spring ’14 Wave adds functionality to the case entity at every turn. Coming in at #9 […]

As the Spring ’14 Wave continues to make ‘waves’ , we continue our own deep-dive into the changes.  Previously, versions of Microsoft Dynamics CRM online used a client-to-server strategy to authenticate and transmit data from Microsoft Dynamics CRM to SharePoint Online. Now Dynamics  has introduced a new approach to CRM and SharePoint integration. The integration now […]

Do you have multiple entities in your Dynamics CRM system that are simply used for look-ups? Or maybe you want to replicate data across multiple orgs, but have workflows that specify specific records using lookups? This can be a hindrance when you have to move these workflows from one CRM organization to another, because the […]

Did you know that Microsoft offers free 30-day trials of popular Office 365 plans? With the rising popularity of Microsoft Office 365, many people are wondering how they can get started. A free trial of Office 365 offers your organization an excellent opportunity to go beyond what you have heard or read about Office 365. […]

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