PowerObjects’ CRM University is hosting a series of educational webinars over the summer that pack a lot of great information into a short period of time! These free 30-minute sessions provide an excellent opportunity to get the latest and greatest information on topics such as new CRM features and functions, planning a CRM implementation, considerations […]

We are always looking for ways to improve our CRM integration and to keep an eye out for any possible bottle-necks that might be lurking. While we investigate, there are a few areas such as the environment, hardware, software or specific customizations that we like to focus on. To make sure everything goes as smoothly […]

With the arrival of the new CRM SP1 in Microsoft Dynamics, there came an additional surprise with the plugin registration tool. While there have been a few changes for functionality, the Plugin Registration Tool has looked pretty much the same for several years. However, with the latest SDK for SP1 a face-lift was in order. […]

The Spring ’14 Wave for Dynamics CRM has brought a new way to close a case! Have you ever wanted to close a case as resolved, but been prevented because there were Open Activities associated with it? Maybe you have a workflow that automatically creates an open task whenever a case is opened. If you […]

PowerGlobalSearch is a universal productivity tool that is beneficial to any Microsoft Dynamics CRM user trying to find records in CRM. This add-on gives users the ability to quickly search across any entity in CRM . Whether it is an out of the box entity, custom entity or activity and pulling their search results into one […]

If you’re looking for a more visual representation of records in your Microsoft Dynamics CRM, PowerMap will be your new best friend. PowerMap lets users choose an entity in CRM, choose a view, and plots all of the individual records from that view on one map. Users can map more than one entity, and more […]

When you are working with Marketing Lists in Dynamics CRM 2013 you may want think about additional functionalities such as adding columns to a marketing list members sub-grid, as opposed to simply out of the box Members sub-grid. This could be information like email, company name and more. Full Name and Business Phone are the only […]

The Spring Wave for Microsoft Dynamics CRM has finally arrived! We have been spending a lot of time with the new features here at PowerObjects. In fact, we have a page dedicated specifically to updates and education surrounding the Wave. We will be discussing many of the new features in depth over the next few […]

There is a lot of great, highly detailed documentation available for all of the PowerPack add-ons, like PowerMailChimp. Once you’ve read it, you’ll be ready to send a PowerMailChimp email blast. With these step by step instructions, you’ll be creating a static marketing list for an existing campaign, populating the marketing list using Advanced Find, […]

PowerUp is a 2-day CRM educational extravaganza and the CRM event of the year! You may be familiar with our previous PowerConnect events, but PowerUp takes that CRM education conference to the next level. The conference will take place from September 24-25, 2014, at the Hyatt Regency in Minneapolis, MN. For those looking for an […]

Have you been using the exciting new Access Team feature in CRM 2013? Here are some quick steps to create a view to display records where you are a member of the Access Team, making your use of them even better! The example used for this blog, is on Account records. First you will have […]

Are you using Scribe Insight to migrate Notes (annotations) and their associated attachments, but noticing the attachments are getting corrupted in the process? If so, then you may have just found the answer you’ve been looking for. Here are a couple of the errors that we’ve noticed depending upon other file type: “Windows Photo Viewer […]

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