Is your view list overflowing? Is it difficult to find the views that are meaningful for you? Do you wish you could filter your CRM 2011 system views dynamically? First of all, let’s go through the out of the box configuration options in CRM 2011 that will help most of the cases: Deactivating System Views […]

Here at PowerObjects, we’ve been asked this question in many different ways over the years: Who owns CRM? Who should be responsible for changes made? This is where things sometimes become sticky. Both IT and business users have a stake in your Dynamics CRM implementation and the ongoing maintenance and configuration. Organizations are struggling to […]

  • 18 December 2012
  • CRM 101

Ever want to do mass updates to Opportunities in CRM but many of the records that need to be updated are closed? Well, it’s easy to do with CRM 2011′s “Make this data available for re-importing” feature! Why would you want to mass update closed Opportunities in CRM 2011? One reason is that you may […]

PowerObjects is pleased to be a presenter in a webinar on Dynamics CRM solutions for healthcare sponsored by Microsoft. Content will provide information for professionals at hospitals, provider networks, HMOs and other large healthcare providers on XRM solutions to improve care delivery. There will be two sessions: December 18th from noon to 1 pm CST, […]

  • 13 December 2012
  • CRM 101
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PowerObjects recently released a free eBook on making the switch from to Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Keep in mind, this eBook isn’t a sales document with a feature comparison—instead, it’s intended for those who want to know what to expect and how to plan for the transition. One of the important areas to consider when […]

If you use Dynamics CRM and you have a Windows 8 mobile device, there’s no excuse not to get Power8CRM—our Windows 8 App for Dynamics CRM. We just pushed Power8CRM Release 3 to the Marketplace, with great updates that improve functionality and make it even more useful to users. Some of the new features include: […]

Dear Joe CRM, Since the state and province fields in Contacts, Leads and Accounts are single line of text, our users are able to enter states and provinces however they want. This means Minnesota might be entered “Minnesota,” “Minn,” or “MN,” depending on who enters it. This makes searching for people or accounts by state […]

At PowerObjects, we create many portals for Microsoft Dynamics CRM, including customer service portals, distributor portals, partner portals, and more. A portal is a custom application that allows external users to access and edit data that is stored in Microsoft Dynamics CRM (a.k.a CRUD – Create, Read, Update and Delete operations). A CRM portal application […]

  • 7 December 2012
  • CRM 101
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If you’re giving some serious thought to switching from to Microsoft Dynamics CRM, one of the areas you’ll want to plan for is how you want to move your data out of your current system and into Dynamics CRM. In our eBook on making the switch, this is one of the areas of planning […]

At PowerObjects, we assist our customers with data migrations to Microsoft Dynamics CRM from all sorts of applications. If you want to migrate data from C2CRM, which uses the Lotus Notes database, to Microsoft Dynamics CRM, you can! This is the process PowerObjects follows when doing a migration from C2CRM to Dynamics CRM: Here are […]

MS Dynamics CRM 2011 is an amazing tool that can show reports in a single view. Charts can easily be seen on the main dashboard of CRM or directly within the entity. With them, you can get a visual representation of data within its source entity. If you’re just starting out on this great feature, […]

Today we’ll cover configuring the Dynamics CRM 2011 Email Router to use Office 365 for Outgoing emails. The process can be broken down into three parts. Part 1 consists of gathering details from Office 365 about the deployment, Part 2 is granting permissions via PowerShell and Part 3 involves the actual email router configuration. Part […]

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