• 21 November 2012
  • CRM 101
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Let’s say you’ve made the switch to Office 365 (congrats—we think you’ll like it!). Now you find yourself in the position of administering your new Office 365 account for your organization. Chances are that at some point you’ll be adding users to Office 365. This post will walk you through how to do so within […]

If you couldn’t tell by the title, we’re going to go beyond CRM 101 and get a little more technical in this post. Specifically, let’s talk about a few important new features of SSIS 2012 that can help BI developers. SSIS 2012 introduced a new feature called Integration Services Catalogs, which means that now we […]

  • 14 November 2012
  • CRM 101

We’ve talked about what to do in Microsoft Dynamics CRM when you find yourself typing the same email over and over (Create an Email Template!) but what about a letter? If you frequently send out a similar letter to Leads or Contacts, chances are you could use the help of Mail Merge in CRM 2011! […]

If you host any sort of event where you offer, or would like to offer, online registration to your participants, and you are a CRM user, then you should give PowerZapEvent a whirl. PowerZapEvent is an integration between ZapEvent, a U.S.-based online event registration and management system, and Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011. This awesome CRM […]

Workflows are a valuable tool within Microsoft Dynamics CRM. So what if you want to schedule workflows at a certain time, or execute a workflow every night, week, or month? This blog will show you how to create a recursive workflow to be executed for a certain time, and how to create scheduled workflows in […]

When troubleshooting the Outlook client for Microsoft Dynamics CRM, sometimes you need to perform a trace. And by trace, we don’t mean putting a piece of paper up on your monitor and drawing an outline of Outlook. Performing a trace “collects a detailed profile of all operations that occur inside CRM for Outlook,” and it […]

Hopefully you’ve read our blog about Time and Condition Based Workflows in CRM 2011. Now, have you ever set up a workflow that was triggered from a field change and included a wait condition and/or timeout? Have you ever looked at what happens if the trigger field is changed frequently? Consider this simple example: In […]

  • 6 November 2012
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One feature that can be difficult to achieve in Dynamics CRM without some development help is automatic unique numbering of entities. The ability to have Accounts, Phone Calls, or any custom entity that you create assigned a custom unique ID can be a huge aid in organizing and tracking records. To help with this, PowerObjects […]

Guest blogger: Gretchen Opferkew shares her personal experience with the Microsoft Surface tablet This past Saturday, we ventured out to the Mall of America Microsoft store to get the new Microsoft Surface. To date my husband and I have been sharing his iPad2 for the consuming of information and entertainment, which has worked pretty well–except […]

It was announced at YamJam’12 and made clear in the Microsoft Dynamics CRM Statement of Direction that CRM will have a much deeper integration with Yammer. This is really exciting news on many fronts. But it’s most important to realize that most organizations will likely replace the current Activity Feeds capability with the expanding Yammer […]

Active Directory Federation Services (ADFS) is a great option to enable single sign on with Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online and other applications. If you are using ADFS with a portal or other application (pretty soon CRM too), you want to make sure the login mechanism works with all browsers and NOT just IE. A small […]

Workflows are a great way to help automate your sales process. You can assign records, create records, update records, email notifications and much more! One of the great things about workflows is that different actions can be taking by using the check and wait conditions. This could be very helpful in many situations. Let’s take […]

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