Greetings CRM’ers! Today we’re going to expand on a previous blog, Assign Owner and Route Case to Queue Using Workflow in Dynamics CRM. In this scenario, we need to assign a team as the owner of a record and route to a queue based on an error code when validating an account upon creation. The […]

Hello intrepid CRM adventurers! Today we’ll talk a little bit about Dynamic Marketing Lists. They are one of the most useful features of Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011. One of the hassles in the ‘old days’ of CRM was that your only option was to have a Static marketing list. This meant that you had to […]

It’s very common in certain types of sales for reps to spend a good portion of their time making calls or visiting prospects. In this case, the data entry needs to be quick and NOT require going to multiple places to enter data. Did you know that sales processes can be streamlined with a multi-entity […]

After applying Update Rollup 12 (UR 12), you may notice an issue with a few sections that will no longer load via IFD, however; all sections load internally. The error you’ll see in the user interface is the always helpful “An error has occurred” message. Finding the Issue First, we ran a platform trace and […]

This blog is for everyone who has ever added a user to a Microsoft Dynamics CRM organization and wondered what the difference was between a “Full” and a “Limited” license. The License Type selection is available on the user form towards the bottom. It defaults to “Full”, but also provides options for “Limited”, “Device Full”, […]

Considerations for Sending Email Blasts from CRM 2011 Campaign Activities In Dynamics CRM, users can distribute many different activities through campaigns and campaign activities to accomplish marketing tasks. There are some advantages to distributing emails via mail merge and campaign activities. For one, users can utilize Word to format the email text, while inserting data […]

Among other features, UR 12 forms for Dynamics CRM are process-based. If you are on Dynamics CRM Online or have applied UR 12 to your CRM on-premise instance, you will notice that these process forms are set as the default form. If you’ve added a lot of custom fields in your forms—especially on the on-premise […]

Instead of manually creating dozens of new fields, you can use the Import Wizard in CRM 2011 to save some time. By having a simply source file that contains these fields, you can technically create new fields programmatically. For this post, we’ll create a new Option Set, Decimal and a Two Option field on the […]

You may encounter an error where the sitemap for Organzation xxxxxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxxxxxxxxxx contains a reference to the entity “entity_name,” but that entity was not found in the metadata cache. This error shows up in the Application Event Log of the CRM web server when there are references to entities that do not exist in the sitemap. […]

There are many reasons why an organization would desire to store employees in a customer-focused implementation of Microsoft Dynamics CRM. The most common reason is that employees (some being non-users) are a part of a process such as assigning a record to employees, notifying employees, or inviting employees to a meeting. In this blog we […]

The Outlook Client for Microsoft Dynamics CRM keeps your users’ inboxes from becoming silos of information that are accessible only to the user. One of the features of the Outlook Client is that it automatically syncs all the CRM contacts that user owns and creates contacts in Outlook. This automatic CRM to Outlook syncing can […]

As you learn about Workflows in Microsoft Dynamics CRM , you may encounter an issue where you find a workflow stuck in “In Progress”. You can see an example of this below. Sometimes these workflows might get processed after a long delay. Today we’ll go over how to resolve this issue in an on-premise instance […]

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