Due to their unique attributes, Campaign Responses in CRM 2011 are incredibly useful for tracking ROI of Marketing. Like the simple example below, this blog will help you determine if and how Campaign Responses may fit into your CRM architecture as it is designed to support your sales and marketing strategy. The traditional use of […]

You can do a lot with views in Dynamics CRM, and we’ve got several posts on these features already. You can create and hide shared views, deactivate and remove system views, or quickly sort your view with filtering. But what if you’re tired of looking at a view and finding the list sorted by “Date” […]

  • 22 January 2013
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If you are subscribed to a PowerPack add-on and you need to update the credit card that is being charged for your subscription, there are just a few easy steps you need to follow. This process may look a little different depending if you are running CRM 2011 or CRM 2013 – please find the […]

Sometimes the out-of-the-box lookup field in CRM 2011 does not have the advanced query capability that a user needs to find a record. The query may go beyond a basic filter, or it may even include data from an external application. In this case you may need to create a custom SSRS report to find […]

Dialogs in Dynamics CRM 2011 provide a way to allow users to collect and process information using step-by-step scripts. They are typically run for one record at a time, as you see in this sample dialog: How to Set a Read-Only Field and Capture a User’s Response Using a Dialog. However, in this blog we […]

For most customers of Microsoft Dynamics CRM, the December 2012 Service Update (code name “Polaris”) has recently gone from “coming soon” to “HERE!” Microsoft has started to upgrade Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online customers and plans to continue doing so through the end of the month. See Microsoft’s Resource Center to find out What’s New. On […]

Here at PowerObjects, we know that Dynamics CRM is a great fit for just about any department in any business. But did you know that Dynamics CRM is also an awesome fit for a HelpDesk system? In fact, it can do more than many purchased third party HelpDesk systems. How do we know we can […]

If you are looking for a way to capture leads on your website and pull them directly into your Microsoft Dynamics CRM without having to export/import from another system, then PowerWebForm is the add-on for you. PowerWebForm is an awesome tool that allows CRM users to easily build web forms within their CRM, post those […]

In Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 or 4.0, you can Add, Subtract, Multiply or Divide the values of 2 fields using a Workflow. Often times this is done using JavaScript but the step below will walk you through the process using a simple workflow. In this example, we are going to calculate the Weighted Value of […]

With all of the hype going on about Windows8, mobile platforms (such as tablets), and the new Windows8 apps, you may be wondering just how this all relates to your Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Well, wonder no more! Join us on Wednesday, January 23rd at 2:00 p.m. CST for an in-depth discussion about the Power8CRM app, […]

If you are already a MailChimp user and you want to use the PowerMailChimp add-on for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 to send bulk emails out from within CRM, you may be wondering how you’ll be managing your lists. With PowerMailChimp, a CRM 2011 and MailChimp integration, you’ll use your CRM marketing lists to manage your […]

  • 31 December 2012
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Many Dynamics CRM users want the ability to add photos to records. The PowerPhoto add-on allows users to add CRM photos to an account, contact or lead record, and display those images on the record without having to open an attachment. PowerPhoto uses the drag and drop feature, which makes adding images to any record […]

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