Collecting surveys with CRM is easy to do with the help of an awesome Dynamics CRM survey add-on called PowerSurvey. PowerSurvey is one of many powerful PowerPack add-ons created by PowerObjects to help add value to your CRM at a low cost. PowerSurvey lets you build and customize your survey within CRM, send those surveys […]

Most users are familiar with the out of the box reporting tools (Advanced Find, Report Wizard and CRM Dashboards leveraging system views) in Microsoft Dynamics CRM, but there are other custom reporting tools available for when the out of the box methods don’t provide the results you want. This post will describe your CRM 2011 Reporting […]

What do you do for the user who says, “It takes too many clicks to…?” The following is a checklist of Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 tools and settings for that increase efficiency for end users, including things each user can do to decrease clicks with minimal effort and no administrative privileges. Set Personal Options The user […]

Join us August 16th  2012 from 10 – 10:30 a.m. CDT As part of our goal to constantly add value to Microsoft Dynamics CRM, PowerObjects is continuing on in our webinar series that we lovingly call the PowerObjects’ CRM How-to Webinar Series (I know, the name is creative, right?). This particular webinar will be the […]

If you haven’t experimented with the Activity Feeds in CRM 2011 yet, they bring the concept of “social CRM” into your workplace. With activity feeds you can follow various records you are interested in and get updates posted to your wall. Some of the updates can be configured to appear automatically (for example: post an […]

When utilizing CRM Portals for Microsoft Dynamics CRM, there are many things you will consider as you begin to implement. How you connect to Dynamics CRM is one of those important decisions. In most typical portal implementations, a service account is used to connect to CRM.  This is the account that reads and writes all needed […]

Let’s take a look at solutions in CRM 2011–a new feature that offers a great way to create a flexible, maintainable bundle of your CRM customizations.   They are an important change to how work is done in CRM and how to save yourself time later in your implementation.  Solutions also allow you to include individual […]

PowerCharge is one of many awesome crm add-ons developed by PowerObjects that allows you to process CRM 2011 credit card payments.  To get a background, read more about PowerCharge and creating recurring charges. In this post, we cover how to run a credit card transaction for an Order in Dynamics CRM.  This same concept could be used […]

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Admins……Do you have some crm users who are willing to share some of their contacts, but other contacts (Accounts, or Leads) they would like to be “Private” or not visible to other users?  If so, let’s talk about some of your options for making CRM records private. First, a little disclaimer:  generally […]

Have you ever wondered how you can create new report categories and add reports to the new category in Microsoft Dynamics CRM? If you did then you are reading the right blog article. If your organization has a lot of departments, it makes sense to add new report categories and categorize the reports into each category so […]

If you’ve been tasked with implementing Microsoft Dynamics CRM, you may be wondering where to start.  Here are 10 ideas to get you going in the right direction. Align yourself with a Partner The primary role of a Microsoft partner is to provide professional services for the implementation of Microsoft Dynamics CRM—from gathering business requirements […]

There is a recent issue we ran into while dealing with currency fields in reports with FetchXML queries. The issue is that when a money field is added to a report with FetchXML query, excel formulas does not seem to be working properly on these fields with a currency symbol attached to them. Whenever a […]

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