line break in the subject of my email
Why is there a line break in the subject of my email?

Email templates are a great way to send emails from Dynamics 365 using the same format. But sometimes, although your email subject line looks fine in when viewing your template,

Capturing Pre and Post Values
Real-Time Workflow: Capturing Pre and Post Values

In Dynamics 365, field values can change all the time. Generally speaking, we only care what a field’s current value is, but there are certainly cases where we need to

Power of Under
Don’t Forget the Power of Under!

Year after year, we have seen the FetchXML language evolve to provide Dynamics 365 users more and more functionality. This language of course is the one behind the user-friendly querying

Localization in Dynamics 365
Localization in Dynamics 365

In today’s global economy, more and more of our Dynamics 365 customers are rolling out implementations with users in dozens of geographies. Since we haven’t posted a refresher on language

what exactly is ERP
FAQ: What exactly is ERP and how does it fit into the Dynamics 365 puzzle?

Most of our readers will know that for many years, PowerObjects has focused on CRM-related workloads of sales, marketing, and customer service within the Dynamics family (what was known as

What in the World is ServSmart? [VIDEO]

Imagine a world where you could listen to what your devices were telling you. Imagine if you could tell if a machine was going to fail or breakdown before it

Microsoft Word Template in Microsoft Dynamics 365
How to Create a Microsoft Word Template in Microsoft Dynamics 365

In a previous blog you’ve learned How to Easily Generate Excel Templates, but what if you wanted to use Microsoft Word? Using Microsoft Word templates in Microsoft Dynamics 365 can

PowerSurveyPlus and Excel Templates: A Match Made in Reporting Heaven

Customer engagement. It’s a simple pairing of words that can mean so much to so many organizations, both large and small. When it comes to 1:1 engagement and gaining real

records from Power BI
Drill into CRM records from Power BI

Power BI is becoming more and more the de facto reporting tool for Dynamics 365, which we are very excited about. SQL Reporting Services remains relevant and offers features that

Prepare to Train
Prepare to Save. Prepare to Train. | Microsoft Dynamics 365

Training is an often-overlooked necessity to implementation and upgrade projects for CRM. Yet, it’s also one of the easiest, most cost-effective ways to ensure a high ROI. Employees who understand