Schedule Anything in 3 Easy Steps with Dynamics 365
Schedule Anything in 3 Easy Steps with Dynamics 365!

So, you manage a team of mobile salespeople who are constantly on the road delivering presentations and following up with prospects. Your pipeline is an ever-growing list of leads and

is it a workflow
Is it Magic? Or is it a Workflow?

Workflows are the cornerstone of process automation in Dynamics 365. They are powerful, easy to use, and are shockingly flexible. Workflows streamline work, allowing your employees to spend more time

Form Refresh
Triggering a Form Refresh after CRM Dialog is Closed on Dynamics 365

CRM Dialog is a useful custom hosted control that can be used to update certain data. Once it is closed, the form refresh must be completed in order to reflect

Hyperlink to an Email Template
A Must Know Shortcut: Adding Hyperlinks to an Email Template in Dynamics 365

One feature that is not always utilized by our clients is Email Templates. Email templates work well when you want to send out standardized information to customers, but don’t need

Editable Grids in Three Parts
A Study of Editable Grids in Three Parts

One of the many new features of the most recent Dynamics 365 release is Editable Grids. In today’s blog, we’ll review the details of this cool new feature. First, we’ll

How to Create an Options Set in PowerApps
How to Create an Option Set in PowerApps

When utilizing an App, with PowerApps, you often will run into scenarios where you want to give the user multiple options in a single field. Allthough PowerApps does have a

Text Analytics
Dynamics 365 has the cure for FOMO: Text Analytics

In today’s fast-paced world, it seems everyone suffers from a little bit of FOMO (the Fear of Missing Out), but no worries! As you’ve come to expect, Dynamics 365 has

AssureSign work
Dear Joe CRM: Can I use the AssureSign integration with Dynamics 365 anywhere in the world?

Dear Joe CRM, I’ve been hearing a lot about the integration between Dynamics 365 and AssureSign. I love the concept of digital signatures on documents that can easily be stored

Set Powershell to Help you Log onto Office 365
Log onto Office 365 upon Startup with Powershell

We’ve talked about using PowerShell to help manage your Office 365 environment. And although you can connect to Office 365 using the following commands (below), why not use something easier?

Automating the Outlook Client Installation
Automating the Outlook Client Installation? You Have Options!

Have you ever had the need to install the CRM Outlook client to a new batch of users? Or had a CRM upgrade and wanted all of your users to