Row-Level Security in Power BI with Dynamics 365

Read this blog to learn how to set-up the Row-Level Security (RLS) feature in Power BI and how you can use it in Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Agile or Waterfall?

In this blog, we discuss some pros and cons of the Agile and Waterfall frameworks that might assist you in deciding which one best fits your project.

PowerApps Hackathon Event Recap

PowerObjects hosted a company-wide PowerApps hackathon to demonstrate the rapid development capabilities of Microsoft PowerApps.

huqvarna group
Solution Spotlight: Husqvarna Group [VIDEO]

In this Solution Spotlight video, Pavlos shares the unique 4-step post-implementation process that PowerObjects and Husqvarna created.

Learn, Use, and Manage Microsoft Flows with these 2018 Updates

In this blog, we share a few of our favorite updates to Microsoft Flow, including: Microsoft Team Integration, Approvals, Sharing Flows, and the Flow Documentation site!

How to Prepare for a Dynamics 365 Global Data Migration

A global data migration can take months or even years – in this blog we share our initial thoughts on preparing for a global data migration.

Checking for Consecutive Repeating Characters in PowerApps

In this blog will walk through the steps of how you can check for repeating characters within Microsoft PowerApps – check it out!

Back to Basics: Microsoft Dynamics 365 Terminology

New to Microsoft Dynamics 365? In this blog, we explain some Dynamics 365 terminology that may need further clarification.

Internet of Things (IoT) Device Considerations for Dynamics 365 and Connected Field Service

By leveraging IoT capable devices your organization can take more proactive steps to detect, diagnose, and correct problems before they arise.

Customers Can Make or Break Your Brand, the Proof is in the Numbers

As the customer service industry transforms, companies must shift the way they interact with customers and the proof is in the numbers.

Business Process Flow Designer in Dynamics 365

The Business Process Flow Designer in Microsoft Dynamics 365 helps administrators and users to easily create business process flows.

object type code
How to Find the Object Type Code for Any Entity

You might encounter a situation where you will need to identify the Object Type code for an entity in Dynamics 365 – we show you how in this blog!